Premium ClickCard App Tools

Discover ClickCard's prominent tools and their advantages.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


January 10, 2024

Premium ClickCard App Tools

In today's digital world, where connectivity is the key to business success, tools that facilitate networking management are essential. The ClickCard application ( App Store and Play Store ) emerges as an innovative solution, providing users with a platform to create and manage their digital business cards . While the free version offers basic functionality, premium users enjoy a series of advanced tools that take their experience to greater heights.

Get to know them:

1. Digital Business Card Maker

The starting point for any user, whether free or premium, is the Digital Business Card Maker. With a variety of customizable templates to choose from, users can choose the design that best reflects their professional identity. The versatility of this tool allows for easy editing of contact information as well as graphics and images to create a unique and memorable presentation.

The benefits of being a subscriber to the app is that the models will no longer follow the watermark. Additionally, the premium user will have more options to customize the template, in addition to being able to add more contact information.

Find out more about how creating a digital business card using the ClickCard app works by clicking here.

2. Metrics

For premium users, ClickCard offers the Metrics tool, a feature that goes beyond simple visual presentation. With detailed analytics data, users can track the performance of their digital business cards. This includes information about how many times the card was viewed, which data was accessed most, and which elements caught the most attention. These metrics provide valuable insights to adjust and improve card effectiveness over time.

For companies, ClickCard offers a Web Panel in which the Administrator has detailed data for each digital business card of his company.

3. Digital Contact Book

One of the main advantages for premium users is the Digital Contact Book. This functionality allows contacts to be stored in an organized and accessible manner at any time. With the ability to add personalized notes about each contact, users can keep a detailed record of their interactions, making it easier to maintain effective professional relationships.

There are several ways to add to contacts, by scanning a card, manually, through the app's own search or even QR Code.

4. Printed Business Card Scanner

For those times when traditional business cards still play an important role, the Printed Business Card Scanner is an indispensable premium tool. With the ability to scan information from physical cards and automatically integrate the data into the user's digital profile in their digital Agenda, this functionality eliminates the need for manual information entry, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

5. NFC Card

The NFC Card is one of the stars of ClickCard's premium package. By integrating NFC technology into the digital card, users can instantly exchange contact information with other compatible devices, eliminating the need for manual typing or exchanging physical cards. This functionality speeds up the connection process, making it more efficient and modern.

Just hold your NFC card close to save your contact on someone else's cell phone. If your device does not have integrated technology, you can choose to read the QR Code on the back of the contact card.

6. Customizable QR Code

Customizable QR Code is a premium tool that simplifies the way contact information is shared. Users can easily customize their QR Code by incorporating colors and logos that represent their brand. This not only adds a professional touch, but also makes the process of exchanging information faster and more intuitive.

To learn more about QR Code templates and how they work on ClickCard, click here.

7. Exclusive WEB Page

ClickCard offers premium users the ability to create an Exclusive WEB Page. This page serves as an external space to access your digital business card, if the person does not have the app installed. This page is personalized according to the card's visual identity, as well as the company's preferences.


In short, ClickCard offers a range of premium tools that not only simplify, but enhance digital business card management and networking. From Digital Business Card Creator to advanced features like Metrics, Digital Contact Book and NFC Card, ClickCard redefines the standard for effectiveness in creating, sharing and managing professional information. By opting for the premium version, users are investing not just in a tool, but in an unparalleled networking experience that drives professional success.

To learn more about the Application, visit our Blog!

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