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Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


May 3, 2022

ClickCard launches a new version of its app

ClickCard is a company that invests in professional networking, with its application as its main tool. In it the user can create their digital business card from pre-defined templates, incorporate an existing card, or request a new template with ClickCard's creative team. 

So that everyone can have a digital business card, there are free and paid templates in the app. Both have what is needed to make networking even more efficient by increasingly migrating it to digital, and can be subject to the changes that the professional, or the company, wants (at no cost)

Besides the card creator, the platform also provides access to card engagement, personalized surveys from other users or companies, QR Code reader, and printed business card scanner. All contacts added through these tools, are automatically organized in their respective contact schedules.

The application aims to become the basis of networking for all its users, with the first step being the creation of a digital business card. With this, the user can be aware of the impact of his card and know where he directs his connections, what his contacts most seek when accessing it, and among other data. 

ClickCard's intention is not only to constantly improve networking, but also to make it easier to follow. Thus, to improve the user experience and make the platform increasingly accessible to everyone, ClickCard has improved its application, making it easier for its clients to navigate. 

Check out the new screenshots of ClickCard's app below!

Digital business card creator

The business card is the main networking instrument. With it people can keep in touch and get to know each other even more after a professional meeting. However, when this action is done through printed business cards, there are many situations that can turn a simple action, such as getting in touch, into something quite complicated. 

To prevent situations like this from occurring, ClickCard has generated a digital business card creator so that everything is filed virtually and there are no complications between professionals during and after meetings. 

With digital business cards people can instantly save their new connections in the app, without the risk of losing contact. In addition, digital access cards allow professionals to get to know each other even better by being able to access the digital media presented on the card.

So that networking stops being superficial for some and risky to the point of no return, ClickCard has built its app in order to make its actions data-based. The purpose of ClickCard's tools is for meetings to generate more results and for professionals to feel more secure when participating in meetings and events.

When accessing the app's digital visit creator, the user will have numerous templates to choose from, some of them paid and others free, but all customizable. In this way, the person interested in any card will have available for editing the contact data, the profile picture, the background, the colors of the card elements, and the social networks they want to have on the card. 

If the company or employee does not like the card, they can contact the ClickCard team and request a quote for a template with the look they want. The client can request tests without being bound by any commitment and charge on the part of ClickCard. The contract with the professional is closed only if ClickCard provides a digital business card of its liking and the interested party agrees to close the deal.

ClickCard's application is designed so that both companies and freelance professionals can take advantage of its features. Therefore, a ClickCard can be a single template or a uniform template for all employees of a company. 

For a better result, companies can request that the business card be made based on their brand manual. This way the company's visual identity is present so that they are easily recognized. As for individual professionals who do not get documents like this, they can design or use a template from ClickCard as a basis for easy understanding.

ClickCard Digital Business Card Creator

Free and paid card templates

In order for everyone to have a digital business card and have access to ClickCard's tools, in the application is available to users both paid and free templates, with the differential being simplicity. 

While the paid digital business card offers the professional a wide range of creative elements, special customization, and unlimited presentation of contact information, with the free one these features have less freedom and space. 

Some of the available premium templates are nominated by ClickCard customers, so the user can reuse elements such as graphics, icon positions, images, and creative details. 

As a standard solution, ClickCard's free cards offer an easily customizable design that is made by the application itself. All templates allow the addition of about 3 social networks, a profile picture, or space for a company logo. In addition, users can incorporate their phone number, email address, and website into their digital business card.

New Free Digital Business Card Templates

To accompany the new update of the application and its new look, ClickCard has created two new free digital business card templates for its users to enjoy. In them they can do the customization they want, as well as track their engagement and be able to share it in any way they want.

New free digital business card templates from ClickCard

To use the digital business card templates above, simply download the ClickCard app and select it for customization. The ClickCard app is available on the Play Store and App Store.

See below for other templates available for use in the ClickCard app:

Models available for customization in ClickCard's application

Metrics Tool

ClickCard provides its users with access to the metrics of their digital business card. The tool provides the professional with the engagement that the card had in the period of a day, a week, or a month. This way it is possible to know the number of clicks, shares, and views that the card had.

The functionality also allows the professional to know which of his social networks are being most visited through his digital business card. Access to this data is recorded and available in the metrics tab of the app. If the user has more than one card, it is possible to see the metrics of each one separately by selecting them.  

Data has gained importance as social networks have become relevant for networking. With the metrics tool the user can seek to invest in the social network that draws the most attention from his audience at networking events, in addition to being able to know (by sharing a QR Code and customized link) where others are connecting to his digital business card. 

The information provided by the tool is easy to understand for anyone using ClickCard's application, because it is presented in written form and also through metrics so that there can be a comparison of engagement between periods. 

To get a better idea of how the metrics tool is presented, view the image below.

ClickCard app's metrics functionality

Customized Searches

In ClickCard's application, searches for professionals and companies that are also users of the platform are done in a personalized manner. For better efficiency in networking, ClickCard enables 4 forms of search in its application, they are: proximity search, QR Code reader, printed business card scanner and keyword search. 

Check out the particularities of each one below:

QR Code reader

Each of the search methods has its own specialties and are done in different ways, even outside the app. One example is the QR Code reader, which adds another user's contact from a scanner, making the action quick and practical because it can be done in less than a minute

The QR Code itself is already very efficient and at ClickCard each user has their own. As soon as the digital business card is created, the user has access to its QR Code personalized from the visual identity of his card.

In order to make the digital business card of its users increasingly accessible, ClickCard's platform provides two types of QR Codes, one being Web and the other Offline.  This way the professional's card can be accessed both in virtual and physical environments.

All the connections made through the application are automatically saved in the contact agenda. By scanning any QR Code from another digital business card, the data is automatically read, and after confirming the information, the user can allow or not the saving of data in the contact agenda . 

Printed business card scanner

For cases in which there are meetings with some professionals who have no digital business card and only printed, ClickCard has also created the printed card scanner. It can read all the information on the paper card and save it to your application's agenda. 

In case there is too little information or some that the user wants to add before saving the contact, the tool allows changes to the data and the option to add others. 

Proximity tool

Like the scanner, there are also other ways to make connections within the ClickCard app. Another way is by using the proximity tool. With this tool the professional can search for people who are close to him who also use the application and add him to their contacts. 

The idea of the tool arose from the need and the preference of some professionals to meet each other and to do networking events in person. In this way the proximity search allows for meetings such as happy hours and coffee breaks among users. 

Expanding the connection beyond the virtual is an important step for those who want to grow in networking. Many believe that the relationship is established from the trust that is generated in face-to-face meetings. Thus ClickCard, through the tool, is happy to encourage this attitude. 

In times of pandemic, it is important to emphasize the relevance of using mask and alcohol gel in face-to-face meetings. Try to contact your connection to know if he/she feels comfortable following the safety protocols and vice-versa, so that there are no misunderstandings in the meeting, besides preserving your own safety. 

The contacts acquired through these features are automatically saved in a digital address book that contains sub-folders to filter and find contacts faster. You can learn more about the automatic calendar by continuing to read this post.

ClickCard Survey Tool

Automatic Address Book

To make searching for contacts faster and saving new ones more efficient, ClickCard has added the digital calendar option to its application. This way, every connection made in the application is automatically saved in it. 

The contacts added via QR Code reading, for example, when confirmed, are sent directly to the address book. The action is done instantly so that there is no risk of the professional losing the contact from the connection obtained. 

The digital agenda also has a self-organizing management, in which it creates subfolders depending on the medium through which the contact was saved. In other words, the contacts saved in the application are organized according to the tool they used when they were saved. Therefore, the pre-defined folders are named: Company, All Contacts, Digital, and Scanned. 

This way the user can find the contact they want by the way they saved it in the app.


To create a digital business card by ClickCard, simply download the application through the store or request contact by visiting the company's landing page. The company's communication is officially done by email, so it is necessary to pay attention to the inbox and spam. If the first contact is made through social networks, ClickCard will forward the customer to Gmail so that communication is better established. 

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