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Explore the complete guide to using the ClickCard Control Panel, from login to efficient digital card management. Make the most of it!

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


July 26, 2023

ClickCard Control Panel Login Screen

Welcome to ClickCard's blog, the leading digital business card creation platform!

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about accessing our Control Panel.

Here, you will learn how to log in to the platform, as well as the guidelines for recovering your password, and setting up your account.

Plus, we'll show you how to access the Dashboard on mobile devices, so you can conveniently and efficiently manage your digital business cards wherever you are.

1. How to login to the ClickCard Administration Panel:

Access the official link of our Control Panel: .

On the login page, enter your registration email and the password which the ClickCard team forwarded to your contact.

After entering your credentials, click on the " Log In " button.

You will be directed to the complete Control Panel, where all your digital business card management tools are at your fingertips.

2. Guidelines to recover the password, if necessary:

If you have forgotten your password to access the ClickCard Administration Panel, don't worry. Simply contact the ClickCard team via email [email protected].

Or, search your inbox for the login details sent to you by our team.

3. Instructions for accessing the Control Panel on mobile devices:

We understand the importance of mobility for modern businesses, which is why we've made accessing the ClickCard Control Panel even more convenient on mobile devices.

To access the Dashboard on your smartphone or tablet, open your device's browser and enter the same link mentioned above.

The Dashboard will automatically adjust to the size of your device's screen, ensuring a perfect browsing experience and the ability to manage your digital business cards quickly and easily, wherever you are.

Now that you know how to access the ClickCard Control Panel, you are ready to explore all the features and resources that make managing your digital business cards simpler and more efficient.

Let's start!

ClickCard's first control panel access screen after login

Let's explore in detail the overview of the interface, presenting the main sections and functionalities that make using the panel an intuitive and efficient experience.

In addition, we will unravel the interface elements such as menus, buttons and icons.

1. Main Sections and Functionalities of the Control Panel:

Upon accessing our Control Panel, you will be welcomed by a clean and user-friendly interface.

To provide a practical and effective experience in managing digital business cards, we have strategically organized the main sections and functionalities on the left.

Analysis: In the 'Analysis' tab, you will have access to the general metrics of all digital business card templates created.

Here, you can view important information, such as the total number of users in the company, the number of cards created, the number of cards shared and total clicks.

This data can be presented as the sum of all cards registered by the user or based on a specific model selected.

Users: In the 'Users' section, administrators can view the individual data of each card user. In addition, it is possible to request e-mail confirmation through this tab and review registration data.

QR Code: Here, administrators can request the creation of a QR Code for users registered by the company.

It is important to note that only those accounts that created a digital business card in the application will have the QR Code available.

Contacts: In the 'Contacts' tab, administrators can view all printed business cards scanned by their users, in addition to editing the employees' digital wallet in the application.

Templates: On this tab, administrators can view the digital business card templates created for the company. If there is more than one template available, this is where they can assign each card to a specific group.

Groups: Regarding groups, there is a specific tab to manage them. In it, administrators can create and edit as many groups as they want, as well as include each employee in the group that best fits.

Update Password: If the administrator wants to change his login password, just access this tab within the Panel. By entering the current password, he can instantly create a new password and update his registration data.

With this overview of the ClickCard Control Panel interface, you are ready to explore all the possibilities our platform offers to create unique and impactful digital business cards.

Keep following our next articles, where we will detail more features and tips to optimize the use of the Dashboard and highlight your brand with high quality digital business cards!

First access: Control Panel Initial Settings

According to the presentation of the interface presented above, read the step by step of what to do in your first access to the ClickCard Control Panel.

ClickCard Control Panel Password Change Screen

1st Step - Password Change

When the client first accesses the ClickCard Control Panel, the login data to access the platform will be provided by the ClickCard team , which will send an email and an access password to the user.

Thus, it is recommended that the first task, when entering the Panel, is to change the password.

Here's the step by step on how to do it:

  • Access the website
  • Enter the email and password provided by ClickCard
  • Enter the Control Panel by clicking on “ Login
  • In the left side menu of the Panel, click on the last option displayed “ Update Password”
  • Type in the appropriate boxes provided the “New Password” you wish to use to access the ClickCard Control Panel. In the first box put the password to which you want to change, in the second box, “Confirm New Password”, repeat the same password presented in the first box for confirmation. And for security reasons, fill in the “Old Password” box with the password that the ClickCard team sent you for the first access to the Platform, commonly known as the current one.
  • Finally, click on “ Save ”.
List of imported user data

2nd Step - Import Users

As a second step to configure your ClickCard, you must access the “ Import Users ” option in the left side menu. In it you can register each employee of your company who can have access to the digital business card created by ClickCard, in the application.

Here is the step by step on how to import users in the ClickCard Control Panel:

  • Import Users ” tab , the user must go to the “ Import Users Update ” section.
  • In it, he should access the option “ Download Sample File (Use UTF-8 Encoding) ”. Which will download a ClickCard model file to your device that the company will be able to use to register the data (name, email, title, observation, location, etc.) of the users that will be imported into the Panel.
  • After downloading the file and inserting the users' data in it, the company must import it in the same section, “ Import User Updates ”, clicking on the green button “ Import ” or on “ Choose File ”.
  • This file must be CSV and must be using UTF-8 encoding, which allows reading all written accents and special characters. The model file downloaded through the ClickCard platform, if it does not undergo any change in its format, is ideal to be imported.
  • Once the file has been imported, the user will be able to view a list with the user data with which he filled in the imported document on the same screen.

After following these steps, users will already be imported and will be able to access the company's digital business card in the ClickCard application.

Integration of user data manually

A second way to register these users is through the “ Insert User ” option on the same screen. In it, there is the possibility of entering new users manually without the need to upload a list to the platform.

For this, it is necessary to fill in the fields presented, such as name, telephone, email and position, and then click on “ Insert ”.

User management screen

3rd Step - Users

After importing employee data to the Control Panel, the company will be able to access the “ Users ” tab in the left menu of the Platform.

It is possible to view a list of users to manage all those who have already created an account in the ClickCard application using the company's domain.

Still on this screen, the administrator can perform the following actions:

Email Confirmation: From the list of users presented, in the “ Confirmed Email ” column, the company can request confirmation of the email of each user who still has this action pending.

Note: It is necessary to stress the importance of companies going to their Email Provider and adding ClickCard as a permitted domain for sending emails , commonly known as

This is recommended so that no emails such as password changes and confirmation emails end up in Spam instead of the Inbox.

Created Cards: In addition, the company can also see on this tab which users have created the digital business card in the system and which have not yet been created.

Changing data: The Control Panel administrator will also be able to edit, through the list of users displayed, the registered data of each user. Just click on the green button, illustrated with a pen , at the end of the list of users.

This way he will open the user manager, in which he will be able to edit the data of the selected card.

Before making any changes , he must click on “Open card” on the upper right side of the screen.

Then he can make all the changes he thinks necessary and click on “ Save ”. But before exiting the manager, he needs to open the card again to reproduce a new card with the updated changes.

qr code screen

4th Step - QR Codes

Within the Control Panel, on the left menu, the administrator can access the “ QR Codes ” tab. In it, he can generate QRCodes for the imported users.

Just click on the green button at the top of the screen that says “Generate List of QR Codes ”.

By doing so, he will enter a waiting list in which the QR Codes of users who have an account and card created in the application will be gradually generated.

It is important that the process takes time and will not appear instantly in the Control Panel.

Contacts screen and digital wallet management

5th and Last Step - Contacts

Contacts ” tab located in the left menu of the panel, the user will have access to all printed business cards scanned by users through the ClickCard application.


We have reached the end of this blogpost, where we go through an exciting "Step by Step on how to use the ClickCard Administration Panel".

Throughout the blog, we delve into the strategic and powerful features that ClickCard offers for creating and managing digital business cards. Now, let's recap the main points covered and encourage you to explore the Control Panel to make the most of all available features.

Recap of the Main Points Covered:

Access to the Administration Panel: We explain how to login to the panel through the link , providing access to all the tools and functionalities to manage your digital business cards.

Initial Settings: We present the step-by-step process to perform the initial account settings, allowing you to customize the experience and define important preferences.

User Management: We explored how to add new users to the dashboard and assign access levels and permissions, ensuring efficient team collaboration.

Incentive to Explore the ClickCard Administration Panel:

Now that you are familiar with the step-by-step and best practices for using ClickCard's Administration Panel, it's time to explore all the possibilities it offers.

Power your professional connections with unique and impactful digital business cards, boosting your brand and networking opportunities.

ClickCard is more than a digital business card creation app, it's a complete platform to enhance your connections and the way you present yourself professionally.

With ClickCard, you have at your disposal a powerful tool to create, manage and analyze your digital business cards, all in one place.

Be sure to take advantage of every feature and tool available in the Control Panel. Use reports and analytics to gain valuable insights and make data-driven strategic decisions.

Customize your digital business cards, offer unique benefits to users, and enhance team collaboration. Always remember to count on our dedicated support to answer questions and receive guidance.

With ClickCard, you are ready to elevate your brand and reach new professional heights. Make the most of the platform and unlock your potential with digital business cards that will make a difference in your connections.

For the best experience, download the ClickCard application ( Android and iOS ).

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