Step by step: Know the Types of ClickCard QR Codes and How to Use Them

Explore ClickCard's many QR Codes and learn how to creatively incorporate them to drive business and simplify interactions. Know how!

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


August 30, 2023

ClickCard Custom QR Code

QR Codes have become an essential part of our everyday lives, making it easier to access important information and offering an efficient way to interact with various services.

ClickCard, a leading company in the field of digital business card technology, offers a variety of QR Code types, each with a specific purpose.

In this blogpost, we'll explore the different types of QR Codes offered by ClickCard and how you can make the most of them.

Types of ClickCard QR Codes:

ClickCard uses a personalized QR Code as one of the resources for sharing its digital business card.

Initially, the user can customize his QR Code according to his company's logos and visual identity. Then you can share your personalized digital business card by QR Code in an unlimited and practical way.

There are several ways to share it. The user can share via image, link or even contact.

Read on to learn more.

QR Code Web (External Web Page)

There are two QR Code templates in the ClickCard app. QR Code Web and QR Code Contact. Although they are visually the same, their functionality is different.

QR Code Web can be shared by link or image . When the receiver accesses this QR Code, he is forwarded to an external web page (in his browser) which allows him to view the owner's digital business card without the need to have the application installed on his cell phone.

Follow the step by step below for better visualization:

qr code web

QR Code Contact (Save contact in the phone's phone book)

Now that you know QR Code Web, let's talk about QR Code Contacto.

The ways of sharing the QR Code Contacto are the same as the QR Code Web, the difference is its format.

While QR Code Web forwards the receiver to a web page, QR Code Contact forwards the receiver to your contact book .

That is, the QR Code Contacto allows all contact fields in the agenda to be filled in automatically with the information presented in the digital business card.

Simply put:

QR Code Contact > Contact Book > Automatic filling of information (according to the information present in the card) > Save contact on cell phone without the need to fill in each field manually.

See step by step below:

qr code contact


ClickCard QR Codes offer a diverse range of possibilities for companies and individuals to interact with the public and simplify processes. By understanding the different types of QR Codes and how to use them properly, you can leverage this technology in your daily activities and business strategies, enhancing your user experience and expanding your engagement opportunities.

You can now test our features by downloading the app ( Android or iOS ) or by contacting our team .

In addition to all this, now you can also add the QR Code of your digital business card made with ClickCard to your Apple Wallet!

Don't be left behind, be ClickCard!

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