Oct 23th, 2023

List of Sub Processors

ClickCard, Inc. ("ClickCard") engages specific sub-processors to aid in delivering services to our customers. A sub-processor is a third-party data processor commissioned by ClickCard, who either has access to, or may potentially process, Customer Information, which may encompass Personal Data. Sub-processors are enlisted to execute diverse functions, as delineated in the table below.

Entity Name Type of Service Location
Google LLC Cloud Service Provider United States
Amazon AWS Cloud Service Provider United States
Microsoft Cloud Service Provider and AI tools United States
Twilio Cloud Service Provider United States
Firebase Error Reporting and Performance Monitoring United States
Stripe Payment Processing Provider United States
Sentry Error Reporting United States
Discord Internal Messaging platform United States
Vercel Cloud Service Provider United States
Pipedrive CRM Platform United States
Open AI AI Services United States
Google Gmail Email Service Provider United States
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