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Create your digital business card with the ClickCard App. With our app you will find the complete solution to improve your networking. In addition to creating a digital business card, you have access to contact management and practical sharing tools, such as QR Code and NFC Card.

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Digital business card and QR Code
Card Creation
ClickCard's app interactive business card maker allows every employee in your company to have their own personalized card
Your ClickCard is 100% customizable, so you can add all the details of your own branding, such as fonts, color palette and more
Each digital card has a unique link, PDF, QR Code and NFC Card so you can share your professional information the way you prefer
Share your business card conveniently and quickly with ClickCard, the go-to solution for effortless digital information exchange.
*Tools above are available to all users

For all companies

To improve your internal and external communication, ClickCard provides products for you and your entire corporation. Get to know some of them better:

+980 Digital Business Card Templates created

We work with companies from the most diverse sectors and have already carried out almost 1,000 different projects that are available for editing in the ClickCard App.

Digital business cards for the whole company

Creation of a ClickCard according to the company's visual identity and available to any employee who has registered in the company's domain.
Create a business card from scratch or use a ready-made template.
custom digital business card templates available in the clickcard app

Simple Sharing

With ClickCard, users are able to take their networking to the next level with the added benefit of a NFC card. By simply bringing their card close to another person's cell phone, they can quickly and easily share their ClickCard in seconds - giving them the opportunity to network with potential customers or partners in no time at all. The benefits of having an NFC card make it an invaluable tool for any digital entrepreneur or modern professional.

Real time changes

The company administrator can now easily and quickly make changes to all employee cards through the web admin dashboard. This gives them the power to update card properties in real-time, without any added stress or hassle. Now they can keep card information up-to-date with ease and confidence.
Any user who has a ClickCard can request their NFC card
corporate digital business card template created by clickcard

Manage engagement

Through the Web Panel, the administrator can manage the engagement of each registered card.

Manage cards

The person responsible for the platform can activate or deactivate any card o their choice, in addition to being able to analyze their accesses, shares and registered information.
The company administrator has access to the engagement data of all corporate cards
clickcard digital and nfc card management web panel


Advantages of ClickCard for your company

Get to know some of ClickCard's resources and understand how they complement each other to result in best in class networking for your company

Digital Business Card Gallery

Get to know our customers and the models of interactive cards that your company can also acquire!

telas com modelos de cartoes de visita digitais da clickcard


Track the clicks on your card and find out which information is most accessed in real time. For the manager, monitor all company's data in the Web Panel.

clickcard digital business card maker

Card creator

The digital business card maker allows the user to autonomously create their business cards and customize them the way they want.


Your ClickCard can be shared via QR Code, personalized link, PDF file or approximation. Purchase a digital card and have all the resources available to you and your company!

plantilla de tarjeta nfc clickcard

NFC card

When creating a digital business card, the user can share it by approximation when purchasing a personalized NFC Card.


Ways to share your digital card

Learn about the resources provided by ClickCard for sharing your card. Cutting-edge innovative tools on the market that allow internal and external access to your card.

Make your company more sustainable

Make your company more digital, innovative and sustainable. Invest in ecological solutions!

Be part of a sustainable world

Avoid paper printing, make your business card digital!

Cooperate to end deforestation

By getting a ClickCard, you save 6M trees from being cut down every year.

Reduce your organization's carbon footprint

Reuse and recycling. 9 out of 10 paper business cards are thrown away within a week of receiving them.


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Download the ClickCard app right now and create your own digital business card! With it, you can customize the template according to your visual identity and add all your contact information, including email, phone, WhatsApp, social networks, address and much more.In our app you will find a wide variety of templates to choose from, allowing you to select the one that best meets your expectations.

Plus, once you have the app installed, you'll have access to ClickCard's exclusive tools to efficiently share and manage your card.Start creating your card for free right now and take your communication to the next level with the practicality of the digital world.

Have everything at your fingertips: insights, digital wallet, NFC card, digital business card and much more, all in one place. Don't waste time, download our app right now and simplify the way you connect and share your contact information!

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At ClickCard, we are proud to have served a diverse range of clients from over 20 countries and all major industries. Our success and reputation have been built on our commitment to providing first-class customer service and consistently meeting the needs of businesses across the globe.

We understand that every business is unique and work hard to provide tailored solutions that are suited to each individual company. We stay ahead of industry trends and strive to make sure all of our clients have access to the latest technology, products, and services.

As a testament to our excellent service, we can proudly say we are trusted by international companies from Europe, Asia, South and North America - you name it!


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Frequent questions

In our FAQ below, we cover the main questions that can arise when migrating to digital business cards. Check out:

Still have questions?
Contact us
What is a Digital Business Card App?

A digital business card application is an easy and efficient way to create, share and store professional contact information. It allows users to create their own personalized digital business cards, eliminating the need for physical paper cards.

Is the data I upload protected from unauthorized access?

Absolutely! We employ strict access protocols and use the most up-to-date encryption technology so that all data remains secure at all times. No unauthorized personnel will be able to access your personal contact information or other sensitive data stored on our platform.

Are templates available to create cards quickly?

Yes! Our app offers tons of pre-made templates so you can quickly create polished looking business cards in just a few clicks - no graphic design experience required! Plus, these templates are always up to date with the latest trends in branding, so your cards remain modern and professional looking at all times.

How secure is this digital business card app?

At our company, we not only provide the highest levels of security, but we also actively monitor any potential threats and vulnerabilities. All data is encrypted and stored on a secure server that only authorized persons can access.

Which platforms are supported by this app?

Our digital business cards are compatible with virtually all platforms and devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and web browsers.

Are there any additional fees associated with using the app?

No! Our app is free to use. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can create and store your contact information without worrying about additional fees.

Is it possible to customize the design of my card?

Yes! We offer a wide range of customizable designs to choose from, so you can customize the look of your card to your brand or preferences. Plus, our intuitive editing tools make it easy to fine-tune your design until it's exactly how you want it.

Does this app work in offline mode?

Yes! You can view your cards and contact information even when you don't have an internet connection. However, some features, such as sharing, may require an active connection to function properly.

Is there a limit on how many cards I can store?

No! Our app allows users to store an unlimited number of cards in their personal digital library. That way, you never have to worry about hitting a storage limit or running out of space for future contacts.

How can I edit my card's corporate details?

By contracting ClickCard, your company can define as standard that some information may or may not be edited by its employees. If you want to update some of these, you must contact your manager so that he can access the Web Portal and make the field editable.

How to create a digital business card according to my print?

To create a digital version of an existing business card, just get in touch with ClickCard's creative team and request the model according to the reference. The card can follow the art already made in full or have changes that the customer wants in its template.

Which social network can I share my card on?

You can share your digital business card in many ways to different digital media, such as: WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Gmail, Instagram and any other that is installed on your cell phone. But, the format is up to you to decide. In the ClickCard app, the user can send his card in the following ways: through the personalized link, through his QR Code, NFC or by Proximity. That way you can be found within the app or outside of it.

Can I make connections within the ClickCard application?

Yes! In the ClickCard App we have a personalized search tool in which the user can find professionals by name, title or company they work for. In addition, it is also possible to add people based on proximity. The tool shows as a result other users who are close to you and who match the keywords that were searched.

What is NFC?

NFC is a resource that allows its holder to share or transfer some information through approximation. At ClickCard, customers can purchase their NFC in the form of a physical card. Thus, by bringing the printed card close to someone's cell phone, the person has access to the user's digital business card.

Can I change the destination of my NFC card?

Yes! The NFC card properties can be edited by the user through the ClickCard application. One of the available customizations is to change the destination link. Thus, the profile administrator can choose between linking his NFC with his digital business card or with any other domain he has on other digital platforms, such as social networks, websites, blogs, etc.

Is the QR Code personalized?

Yes. Every ClickCard user can have a QR Code available as a sharing tool. This QR Code is customized according to the visual identity presented by the company, which is implemented in its business card. The customer can also request future changes and suggest new editions to ClickCard's creative team.

What is Web QR Code and Contact QR Code?

ClickCard names the personalized link feature of your digital business card QR Code Web. With it, the sender can open his card in a web tab external to the app and request the first contact there. The QR Code Contacto is the means that the recipient uses to direct his card data to the sender's digital wallet, with all the information already filled in.

Are there green NFC card models?

Yes! The NFC card is nothing more than a (physical) approach card customized according to the customer's digital business card. If the cardholder intends to use an ecological template, just request it or inform ClickCard's creative team. This can be done before purchasing the card or after requesting a new model.

Who can purchase an NFC card?

Anyone who has a ClickCard. If the user is linked to a company, just ask permission from his manager and then the responsible administrator will contact ClickCard to manufacture and print it.

How do I edit my NFC destination link?

Your NFC destination link can be changed at any time by the profile administrator. To do so, simply access the functionality's web page or the "NFC Properties" tool available in the ClickCard app.

What to do when your cell phone does not have NFC?

To make the resource more accessible for everyone, ClickCard makes it possible to print a personalized QR Code on the back of the NFC card. This ensures that the bearer does not experience any embarrassment if he connects with someone who does not use the resource.

Can I assign my NFC to another digital card?

Yes! The creation of a digital business card in the ClickCard App is unlimited. In this way, some users will have stored more than one ClickCard, thus being able to change, in the NFC properties panel, which card is the main one. This edition is unlimited.

Can my ClickCard be accessed by people who don't use the app?

Yes! ClickCard provides its users with an external page where people who do not have the App can view and access their digital business card information. This page can be accessed by sharing the custom link or QR Code.

What are the ways to share QR Code?

The user can share the QR Code in image or link format through any social network. In this way, the sender can use it offline or online. In addition, the QR Code can be used on social networks as an access link or attachment in your posts, as well as in emails.

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