ClickCard is awarded TOP 10 Customer Service by 100 Open Startups

ClickCard is TOP 5 in the Customer Service category in the 100 Open Startups 2021 ranking, by excelling in the country's innovation ecosystem and in the corporate market!

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


October 28, 2021

ClickCard is TOP 10 in Customer Service

On Wednesday, October 27, ClickCard was awarded in the TOP 5 of the Customer Service category in the ranking of 100 Open Startups 2021! 

The 100 Open Startups has as criteria to highlight startups that participate in the development of the innovation ecosystem in the country, besides standing out in the corporate market. This year it was ClickCard's turn to stand out showing the results of its investment in the areas of technology, sustainability, and innovation. 

The 100 Open Startups platform is designed to map, classify, rank, connect, and support startups in the corporate innovation market. Through Open Innovation Week, the platform monitors and analyzes this relationship and the improvement of the startups registered in its events.

To make this achievement official, an award ceremony was held on the YouTube channel of 100 Open Statups. The companies were announced by the Avant-premiere Boards composed of the leading platform's evaluators. 

The ranking was also displayed virtually at the Open Innovation Week meeting that took place from October 25 to 28. The event is recognized as the main meeting of open innovation in Brazil, which generates visibility for the awarded startups.

The Open Startups platform aims to recognize, through criteria and objectives, the small companies that stand out in innovation in the corporate market. ClickCard had the honor of being awarded in the Top 100, competing alongside other 2 thousand registered startups that also competed for the position. 

ClickCard is now awarded and recognized for being a fundamental part of the development of the innovation ecosystem in the country, making its mission and values even clearer to the market and society.

Official announcement | TOP 100 Open Startups 2021


2021 Edition of the 100 Open Startups 

100 Open Startups is the main platform for connections between corporations, investors, and startups.  In its application, it suggests companies according to the user's needs. 

To this end, it classifies small companies into levels, categories, and goals. Thus interested parties can find companies not only by theme but also by specialty and market experience.

On the 27th the platform's profile released the Ranking 100 Open Startups 2021. The award was shown on YouTube and was open to anyone who showed interest in participating, whether a representative, employee or just a guest with no connection to the award-winning companies. 

"Despite the pandemic, open innovation activity with startups has doubled in the last year. For the 2021 edition, 26,348 open innovation relationships between corporations and startups were declared, while in 2020 there were 13,433 declared relationships." - Informed the press office of 100 Open Startups. 

The startups Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Productivity were the companies that scored the most points in this edition, achieving prominent places in open innovation. 

Regarding common contracts, the Supplier Development group became the largest in its category, adding up to a total of 7,800 contracts. Data like this show that corporations are connecting more and more startups in their processes. 

"We are recognized for talking about statistics, trends, metrics, and performance. We talk about modalities, concepts, contracts, and objective criteria. We repeat how important it is to measure results, establish processes, and even more abstract aspects, such as fostering and developing the ecosystem. However, the ranking is a reason to celebrate, not only these numbers, but all the people involved in the projects" - declared Bruno Rondani, CEO of 100 Open Startups. "Each one of the startups represents a successful innovation effort with corporations that have opened up to co-create together" - Reinforced.

 100 Open Startups requirements to be awarded

Bruno Rondani, CEO of 100 Open Startups | Diffusion of Open Innovation in Brazil

The Ranking 100 Open Startups has a new edition every year, which is used by intuitions and investors to consult startups, companies, agents of the ecosystem, and evaluators of highlights in the Brazilian corporate market.  

This means that, by standing out in the categories, the award winner gains more visibility and opportunity to enhance its business. 

Startups can participate in the Ranking provided they are of Brazilian nationality and are registered with 100 Open Startups. There are other criteria, such as being active in the period between 2020 and 2021, and their score will be counted based on the contracts registered in the platform. 

The ranking takes into account the positioning of the companies, their platforms and partnerships, supplier development, investment, and the number of contracts signed with medium and large companies. 

After the registration of the information in the platform, the categories with the highest score density are awarded.  

In the 2021 edition, awards such as Open Scaleups, TOP Open Corps (leading companies in open innovation with startups), TOP Investors and TOP Ecosystem also took place.

The special categories this year were TOP Social Impact and TOP Sustainability which take into account as eligibility criteria the startup that with its core business, products or solutions helps the environmental sustainability of Brazil.

TOP Accessibility and Inclusion was also classified as a special category, which has as a requirement startups acting towards accessibility and/or inclusion of people with disabilities. 

The TOP Empreendedorismo Negro (TOP Black Entrepreneurship) category was also highlighted, and classified startups that had as partners/founders, at least one entrepreneur self-declaring as black or mulatto.  

TOP Female Entrepreneurship and TOP Senior Entrepreneurship were classified as special categories. For more details on the categories of the 100 Open Startups platform, visit the website or download the platform's application.

ClickCard is in the TOP 10 Customer Service by 100 Open Startups

ClickCard operates through its application that allows its users to create interactive digital business cards. With this, it aims to help the environment by optimizing business cards in the virtual environment, as well as cooperating with the professional's autonomy in creating them.  

Sustainability, ecology, optimization and customization of services are always ClickCard's focus, and the improvement of each one is its goal. With its presence in the digital environment, its communication, cooperation with the environment and other corporate factors led to its prominence in the 100 Open Startups. 

It is with the greatest pleasure that ClickCard announces another corporate achievement and thanks all its team members for being part of this award. 100 Open Startups 2021 is a trophy for the company and for each member of the team to carry and be proud of. 

To learn more about ClickCard's award, check out the live stream on the 100 Open Startups channel. 

You can also download ClickCard's application through the App Store and Play Store, and contact us through our website.  

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