Internet Business Opportunities: Learn How to Develop

Here are four simple steps to create internet business opportunities! ClickCard brings you the best tips for your success.

João Fiche


João Fiche


July 20, 2021

internet business opportunities

A successful professional is one who is able to overcome difficulties and constantly find business opportunities.

But, after all, how to follow this logic? To help you, we've put together four basic steps to break down barriers and seek new horizons.

Want to know what they are? Read on and find out all the details!

(In the end, we will still show you how to present your professional characteristics in a more interesting, practical and economical way).


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how to generate opportunities and business on the internet

What is business opportunities?

Before you know how to create business opportunities, it is worth clarifying what this is really about. 

Well, within the business opportunity package, there are many aspects.

It may be the possibility of increasing the number of sales of products or services, this in a certain period of the year.

It can also be the chances of reaching a new target audience, of creating connections and projects with partners, in short.

Basically, these business opportunities correspond to all types of activities to leverage a company's results.

Examples of business opportunities

Let's see some practical examples to make everything even clearer?

Think about digital banks...

A few years ago, entrepreneurs in this field realized how time-consuming and exhausting it was for people to have to queue up to solve problems in their own bank accounts.

It was then that those same entrepreneurs created digital banks.

Thus, customers can solve various issues over the internet, such as: increasing the credit card limit, changing the due date of the bill, applying for a loan, asking questions with the attendants in chats and more.

Another example, now, about social medias...

Instagram and Facebook have given enormous voice power to many influencers.

With that, we started to see the creation of agencies specialized in the administration of social networks of influencers.

Want another example? So let's talk specifically about sales…

A chocolate factory can launch a new product just in the Easter period, when the purchase of sweets reaches peaks.

As we said and it is possible to notice, the business opportunities can be diverse.


How to create business opportunity? 4 golden tips

From here, we will show you some suggestions on how to create business opportunities, specifically, on the internet.

After all, this means of communication and business has shown itself, every day, as a powerhouse.

To give you an idea, not even the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus was able to stop online businesses.

According to data from the E-commerce Brazil portal, e-commerce grew 40% a year after the beginning of the global health crisis.

Many companies, which could no longer sell in person, saw the possibility of continuing their activities in the virtual environment.

When analyzing this whole scenario, it's impossible not to want to invest in business digitally too, isn't it?

So, here's how to create an internet business opportunity:

1. Network

internet business opportunities networking

You know that old phrase: “Nobody is an island”? It makes a lot of sense, too, in the business world.

Whenever you have the opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge and experiences with other people, don't waste it.

From a simple conversation with other professionals, during a virtual workshop, for example, the idea of ​​launching a very promising project may arise.

2. Innovate

Remember the example we mentioned of digital banking services? Well then! They clearly fit in the case of an innovation.

For you, it can also be a good bet to go that way, that is, launching products or services that are different and much more effective than what the public already has.

One detail: this is only possible if you really know the persona of your business very well.

3. Monitor the competition

Building business opportunities also depends on your analysis of the competition.

What are other companies and professionals in your industry doing? What are the strategies in action?

Monitoring all this is important, because it makes you understand how to act in an even more assertive way and, of course, that brings more profits than the competition.

4. Invest in marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising are essential for those who need to understand more about their target audience and, consequently, about business opportunities.

With this in mind, it is worth investing in a team of professionals specialized in these areas.

In addition, it is also essential to be present in all possible digital channels: website, online store and social networks.

Observing, for example, how your potential customers behave, through social networks, can already give good ideas for new products and services.

See how ClickCard can help you

ClickCard is a company specializing in digital business cards. Yes that's right…

Gone are the days when cards made of paper dominated professional interactions.

Nowadays, it is much more practical, faster and cheaper to use the cards in the digital version.

Just download the ClickCard app and choose what information you want to put on your virtual business card, such as: email, social media, work location, services and more.

In addition, it is also possible to create a custom layout. All contacts you receive are stored in the app's own storage system.

So, when everything is ready, just share your virtual card during or after a meeting, workshop, lecture or simply send it via email, social networks and WhatsApp.

See how your business can be innovative and digitized with Clickcard!


It is always possible to create business opportunities on the internet or even offline.

For this, be present in all possible channels (websites, social networks, virtual groups).

Other than that, try to get in touch with other people constantly — that goes for partners and customers. Dialogue and observation can lead you to the path of product or service innovation.

Far beyond these points, remember to monitor your competition and invest heavily in marketing and advertising.

Last but not least: have a digital business card to facilitate connections and exchange experiences with other professionals!

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