How to share digital business card on social media

Find out how to share your digital business card on social media.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


March 5, 2024

Digital business card holders sharing their contact details on social media

Sharing a digital business card on social media is a modern and efficient way to exchange professional contact information. Here are some ways to do this:

Create a Digital Business Card:

  • Use the ClickCard app ( iOS or Android ) and customize your digital business card any way you want. Add your information such as name, title, company, email address, phone number, links to social networks, among others.

Capture a QR Code:

Include Links to Social Networks:

  • Add direct links to your social networks on your digital business card, such as Instagram , Facebook , LinkedIn It is Whatsapp . This will make it easier for contacts to connect with you across the platforms you use.

Share the Card File:

  • If you've created an image or PDF file with your digital business card, you can share it directly on social media. Make sure the file is easily accessible and readable.

Post on Professional Profiles and Pages:

  • If you have professional profiles or pages on social media, make a post featuring your digital business card. Be sure to include an appropriate description and perhaps even highlight key touchpoints.

Use Stories:

  • On platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can use Stories to share your digital business card temporarily. This can be an effective way to get attention for a short period of time.

Send Direct Messages (DMs):

  • Send the digital business card directly to specific people via direct messages on social media. This is useful when you want to make a more personalized connection.

Join Professional Groups and Communities:

  • On social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook, participate in groups and communities related to your professional field. Share your digital business card when appropriate and in relevant contexts.

Use Messaging Apps:

  • If you're connected to someone on messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, you can send your digital business card directly during a conversation.

Remember to adapt the approach based on the specific platform and professional context. Make sure your digital business card is professional, easy to understand, and represents your contact information well.

ClickCard App Sharing Features

The ClickCard application offers a variety of sharing features that simplify and enhance the process of exchanging contact information. Let's explore each of these tools and how they can be beneficial for establishing valuable connections.

QR Code - Share Quickly:

  • ClickCard's QR Code feature allows you to share your digital business card via a unique QR code. Simply scan the code with a smartphone to automatically add the contact information to your list.

Nearby Search - Connect Instantly:

  • Proximity search uses Bluetooth technology to detect nearby users, allowing them to share digital business cards. Ideal for business meetings and conferences where connections can be made instantly.

Custom Search - Find Relevant Connections:

  • ClickCard's custom search lets you find people based on specific criteria like job title, industry, or location. Customize filters to find valuable connections in specific industries or geographic areas.

Interactive PDF - Visual and Practical Sharing:

  • Interactive PDF creates a dynamic file that can be shared via email, social media, and other platforms. Allows interaction with content, making it easier to add contact information to the recipient's list.

Customizable Link - Access Your Digital Business Card:

  • The customizable link creates a direct URL for your digital business card. Share via email, messaging or social media so others can access your card and add your contact information instantly.

NFC Card - Fast and Sustainable Sharing:

  • NFC cards , equipped with Near Field Communication technology, allow you to share contact information digitally. Hold the card close to a compatible smartphone to effortlessly transfer information.

Benefits of the NFC Card at ClickCard:

  • Quick and easy one-touch sharing makes the process efficient.
  • Personalization, highlighting your brand and professional style.
  • Monitoring shares to evaluate the effectiveness of networking strategies.
  • Greater reach, thanks to the diverse sharing options offered by ClickCard.

In an ever-evolving digital world, ClickCard's sharing capabilities offer an innovative and efficient approach to exchanging professional contacts. If you are looking for modernity, sustainability and practicality, consider adding the NFC card to your digital networking toolkit.

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