How to share your digital business card on LinkedIn

Learn how to create a successful digital business card and how to share it on LinkedIn.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


June 2, 2023

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In today's professional world, being connected and networking online is key to boosting your career and finding business opportunities. You've probably heard of the LinkedIn , a platform with over 700 million users worldwide , which has become one of the leading resources for professional networking .

But beyond LinkedIn, there is a powerful tool that is gaining prominence: the digital business card .

At first, the first thing you should do is: create your digital business card .

You can do this by downloading the ClickCard app ( Android or iOS ) or by entering contact our team . You can visit the ClickCard blog to learn more By clicking here , you can check it step by step and be aware of other tools available to you.

By creating a digital business card through ClickCard you will have several options for sharing tools such as: card in interactive PDF format, QR Code and customizable link, NFC card and others.

We emphasize that all tools are useful and necessary for networking both online and in person.

Check out other blogs about business cards, networking, marketing and sustainability to stay up to date.

Now let's get down to business!

Check out ClickCard's free digital business card templates

How to Share Your Digital Business Card on LinkedIn

Now that you've created your digital business card, it's time to share it with your LinkedIn contacts. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Find the person on LinkedIn: Go to the profile of the person you want to share your digital business card with. Click the "business card" icon that appears next to the "Connect" button. This will open your digital business card, allowing you to share it directly with that person.
  2. Use LinkedIn Messaging: You can attach your digital business card to a LinkedIn message. Just click the "business card" icon while in the message box and select the business card you want to share.
  3. Share to your feed network: If you want to share your digital business card with your general network of contacts, you can create a post and attach the business card. This allows you to reach a wider audience and showcase your professional information to all of your followers.
  4. QR Code Scanning: Additionally, you can use LinkedIn's QR Code feature to have people scan your digital business card directly from their screen, simplifying the connection process.

ClickCard offers several ways for you to share your digital business card. As stated above, you, as the user. You have access to your card's QR Code. Sharing it in the feed or in a private message is one way. You can also share the interactive PDF, as well as the customizable link on your card that takes the recipient to an external, personalized web page. There, he will have access to his card and will be able to interact, as well as get in touch.

In case of an in-person event, you can opt for the NFC card. It allows you to share your digital business card by contacting someone else's cell phone (just like you do with payments). The person can save your contact in two ways: as a contact in their address book or by downloading the PDF through the website.

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Professional Presence on LinkedIn

When it comes to building your online presence, having a LinkedIn profile is just the beginning. It is essential to create an attractive and optimized profile to attract the attention of recruiters, co-workers and potential business partners.

A professional photo, a clear and concise resume highlighting your key skills and experience, and relevant information about your professional background and education are essential.

Remember to use keywords that are relevant to your field, as this will help your profile stand out in search results.

In the virtual world, building a solid network of contacts is crucial. LinkedIn offers an exceptional opportunity to connect with professionals in your field and form meaningful relationships.

Start by connecting with coworkers, former colleagues, professors, clients, and other professionals you've come in contact with in the past . Also, join groups related to your area of expertise and contribute to relevant discussions.

These interactions can open doors to new business opportunities and increase your visibility within your industry.

Stand out as an expert in your field by sharing relevant content on LinkedIn.

Write articles, post updates on relevant topics and share interesting news. This not only demonstrates your knowledge and interest in your field, but also establishes you as an opinion leader.

Don't forget to use relevant keywords and include links to your website or portfolio if applicable. This strategy will help increase your visibility on LinkedIn and attract potential business partners.

One of LinkedIn's most powerful tools for establishing your credibility and professional reputation is endorsements . Ask co-workers, satisfied customers and business partners to write recommendations about their skills and experience.

This will provide social proof for those who visit your profile, increasing your trust and credibility.

In addition to online interactions, LinkedIn offers robust features for job research and professional networking . Use the search function to find companies and professionals that align with your career goals. Join online events , webinars and discussion groups to connect with people in your area .

Also take advantage of offline networking opportunities such as professional meetings and conferences related to your industry. These activities will help you expand your network and discover new business opportunities.

LinkedIn has established itself as an indispensable platform for professionals seeking professional networking and business opportunities. However, the online world offers even more resources for you to stand out and make valuable connections.

The digital business card is a powerful tool that can help you impress, share relevant information and expand your network.

By investing time and effort in both LinkedIn and your digital business card, you can boost your career, create valuable connections, and open doors to new professional opportunities.

So, get started today and enjoy the benefits these tools have to offer for your professional growth.

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Why use a digital business card on LinkedIn?

In today's professional world, where online connectivity is key, LinkedIn has established itself as the leading platform for networking and business opportunities. But have you ever considered taking your LinkedIn presence to the next level using a digital business card?

In this same vein, we will explore the benefits of using a digital business card on LinkedIn, including practicality, sustainability and visual impact. We'll see how a LinkedIn digital business card can enrich your professional profile and provide an efficient way to share contact information.

Practicality: Have your information within reach of a click

Carrying around a bunch of physical business cards can be inconvenient and often results in them being lost or forgotten. With a digital business card, your information is always just a click away . Easily share your digital business card with connections on LinkedIn or send it via email.

Additionally, digital business cards allow you to include links to your website, portfolio or social media profiles, making it easier for people to learn more about you and your work.

Sustainability: Do your part for the environment

Sustainability is an increasingly important concern. By opting for a digital business card, you are contributing to the reduction of paper waste and environmental impact .

Rather than print hundreds of physical business cards , you can share your digital business card quickly and without harming the environment.

It's a simple but meaningful way to do your bit for sustainability.

Visual impact: Stand out from the competition

In a digital world filled with professional profiles, it's crucial to stand out. A LinkedIn digital business card allows you to be creative and visually stand out.

You can customize your digital business card with graphics, colors that represent your personal brand, and an attractive design that reflects your professional identity.

A visually appealing digital business card is more likely to grab attention and make a lasting impression.

Enriching your professional profile: Complement your LinkedIn

A digital business card on LinkedIn is an excellent way to complement your professional profile. It provides additional information and a quick and easy way for other professionals to learn more about you and your work. You can include details such as your name, title, company, website, email address and links to your social networks.

This information provides a more comprehensive view of your profile and allows people to easily contact you.

Efficient sharing of contact information: Simplify connection

By sharing a digital business card on LinkedIn, you are simplifying the connection process. Instead of manually exchanging information, people can simply save their digital business card and access their contact information when they need it.

This saves time and prevents errors when manually entering information .

Efficient sharing of contact information makes for a smoother networking experience and makes it easier to expand your network.

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Sharing your digital business card on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, connections are key to expanding your professional network and seizing business opportunities. Sharing your digital business card is an effective way to introduce yourself and start relevant conversations with other professionals.

We'll walk you through how to share your digital business card on LinkedIn, highlighting the importance of personalizing the message and explaining why you're sharing it.

  1. Accessing the desired connection profile:

To share your digital business card with a connection on LinkedIn, start by going to that person's profile. You can do this by searching for her name in the LinkedIn search bar or by browsing your list of connections. Find the connection profile you want to share your digital business card with.

  1. Sharing the digital business card:

In the connection's profile, you will find options to connect, message and share the profile. Select the "Share Profile" or "Send Message" option to start the process of sharing your digital business card. These options may vary depending on the updated version of the platform, but are usually easily found in the connection's profile.

  1. Customizing the share message:

When sharing your digital business card, it's important to personalize the message to create a meaningful connection with the other person. Explain why you are sharing your digital business card and highlight the value you believe this connection can bring. Be authentic and genuine in your approach, showing genuine interest in the other person.

  1. Highlighting the relevance:

By customizing the message, highlight how relevant your digital business card is to the connection. Explain how your work, skills, or experience could be helpful to the other person. Show that you are interested in establishing a mutually beneficial relationship, where both parties can share knowledge, experiences and business opportunities.

  1. Following best practices:

When sharing your digital business card, remember to follow LinkedIn's best communication practices. Be polite, professional, and avoid generic mass messages. Show that you've invested time and effort in getting to know the connection, and highlight commonalities or shared interests.

Sharing your digital business card on LinkedIn is an effective way to start relevant conversations and make meaningful connections. By personalizing the sharing message and highlighting your digital business card's relevance to the connection, you demonstrate genuine interest and strengthen the foundation for a lasting professional relationship. Remember to follow good communication practices on LinkedIn and make the most of this powerful platform to expand your network and take advantage of business opportunities. Share your digital business card strategically and see how it can open doors to new possibilities in your career.

Additional tips for promoting your digital business card

Now that you've created your LinkedIn digital business card, it's time to make the most of this powerful tool to promote your personal brand and expand your network. In addition to sharing your card directly with individual connections, there are tons of other ways to promote it on the platform. In this blog, I'll share additional tips to help you maximize your digital business card's visibility on LinkedIn.

An effective way to promote your digital business card is to share status updates and relevant articles in your feed . Share insights, tips or news related to your field. By doing this, you increase your visibility and attract the attention of other connections. Remember to include a call to action inviting readers to check out your digital business card to learn more about you and your professional activities.

LinkedIn is a social network, and engagement is key to building solid relationships. Interact with your connections' posts , leave meaningful comments, and show genuine interest in their work. Plus, send personalized messages to start relevant conversations and offer your support or collaboration. By establishing authentic connections, people will be more inclined to check out your profile and, consequently, your digital business card.

LinkedIn groups are a great opportunity to connect with professionals who share interests and are active in your industry. Search and join relevant groups, contribute to discussions, share knowledge and provide valuable insights . This is an effective way to increase your visibility and reach a wider audience. In your interactions, take the opportunity to share your digital business card as a way to introduce yourself and offer your skills and experiences to group members.

In addition to actively promoting your digital business card, it's critical to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that people interested in your field find it. Be sure to include relevant keywords in your resume, past work experience and skills . This will help boost your profile in LinkedIn's search results, increasing the chances that someone will find and be interested in your digital business card.

Although LinkedIn is an online platform, we must not forget the power of offline networking. When attending events, conferences or professional meetings, take your physical business card with you, which may contain a QR code or a link to your digital business card. Hand it out to new connections and explain how they can access your profile and get more relevant information about you.

Promoting your digital business card on LinkedIn is essential to increase your professional visibility and expand your network of contacts. Take advantage of platform features like sharing updates and articles, engaging with your connections, and exploring groups related to your industry. Also remember to optimize your profile and utilize the power of offline networking. With these tips, you'll be well on your way to expanding your professional presence and making the most of your digital business card on LinkedIn. Don't waste time, start right now and take advantage of all the opportunities that this powerful platform has to offer!

How to share your LinkedIn on your Digital Business Card

Step by Step to Add LinkedIn to Digital Business Card:

  1. Update your LinkedIn Profile: Before sharing your LinkedIn, make sure your profile is complete and reflects your updated experience, skills and achievements. A professional image and a short, impactful description are essential.
  2. Create a Digital Business Card: Use online platforms or specialized applications to create your digital business card. Include traditional information, such as name, position and company, and reserve space for LinkedIn.
  3. Include the Custom Link: Go to your LinkedIn profile and copy the custom link to ensure contacts connect directly to your profile. Some digital business card creation apps allow you to include interactive links.
  4. Strategic Placement: Choose a visible location on your digital business card for the LinkedIn icon or link. Many people choose to place it alongside their other contact information, making it easily accessible.

Why Add LinkedIn to your Digital Business Card?

‍By including your LinkedIn on your digital business card, you give contacts an easy way to access your professional profile online. This not only makes it easier to connect, but also gives you a more comprehensive view of your skills, experience, and achievements.

Additional Tips for Maximizing Impact:

  • Include a Call to Action: Add a brief call to action encouraging contacts to connect. It could be something like "Connect with me on LinkedIn to continue the conversation!"
  • Use QR Codes: Some platforms allow the generation of QR codes linked to your LinkedIn profile. This makes the connection process even easier for those who receive your digital business card.


Throughout this blog, we've explored the benefits and strategies for creating, customizing, and promoting your digital business card on LinkedIn. Recapitulating the main points addressed, we highlight the practicality, sustainability and visual impact of the digital business card, as well as the efficient way of sharing contact information. In addition, we discuss how to customize the card to reflect your personal or professional brand, adding a professional photo, adjusting the layout and style, and including additional relevant details.

It is important to emphasize the relevance of a digital business card on LinkedIn to maximize your networking opportunities and professional growth. In today's digital world, where professional interactions increasingly take place online, having a digital business card is an effective way to stand out, convey professionalism and facilitate the exchange of information with your connections.

Therefore, we encourage you to create your own digital business card on LinkedIn and explore all the possibilities offered by this powerful platform. Leverage your profile's sharing, engagement, and optimization features to promote your digital business card, reach a wider audience, and make valuable connections in your industry.

Remember that LinkedIn is a dynamic environment where networking and professional development are at your fingertips. By investing in the creation of your digital business card and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the platform, you will be opening doors to new partnerships, collaborations and opportunities for career growth.

Don't wait any longer! Create your digital business card on LinkedIn and start exploring all the advantages it can offer. Be proactive, be present and take advantage of every opportunity to expand your network and achieve your professional goals. LinkedIn is waiting for you!

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