What is a digital business card?

In this post you are going to learn what a digital business card is, how to create one, the advantages and how to share them with others. First of all, a digital business card ...

João Fiche


João Fiche


March 12, 2020

Make a digital business card to expand your networking

A digital business card is a virtual version of the traditional paper business card. Rather than being physical, it is designed to be shared digitally, usually through electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers or Apple Wallet . The main purpose of the digital business card is to provide contact information and professional details of a person or company in a quick and convenient way.

Digital business cards can take many forms, such as image files, documents in PDF format, or even specific digital business card applications, like ClickCard . They usually contain information such as name, title, company, email address, telephone number and links to websites or social media profiles. By sharing a digital business card, people can simply send or show the digital file, saving paper and being more environmentally friendly compared to traditional paper business cards.

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What are the advantages of having a digital business card?

Using digital business cards offers several advantages compared to traditional paper business cards. Some of the advantages include:

Accessibility and Convenience:

Digital business cards can be shared instantly across electronic devices, making the process of exchanging information faster and more efficient.


Reduces the need for printing on paper, contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Easy Update:

It's easier to update information on a digital business card. If there are changes to your contact details or job title, you can simply update the digital file, without the need to reprint.


Digital business cards can incorporate multimedia elements such as links to websites, online portfolios, videos or other interactive features, providing a richer experience.

Unlimited Space:

Unlike physical business cards, which have limited space, digital cards can contain a greater amount of information without physical space restrictions.

Integration with Technology:

It can be integrated with QR Code or NFC (Near Field Communication) reading technologies, making information sharing even easier.

Data analysis:

In some cases, it is possible to track interaction with the digital business card, obtaining data on who viewed or interacted with the information.

Professional Innovation:

Using digital business cards can convey a more modern and innovative image, showing that you are up to date with contemporary technologies.

Long-Term Cost Savings:

While initially creating a digital business card may require investment, in the long run, it can be more cost-effective than continually printing paper business cards.

Backup and Sharing Facility:

It can be easily stored, copied and shared across cloud services, emails or other digital media, ensuring you always have a copy available.

There are countless advantages of having a digital business card, ranging from the possibility of remote contacts to helping to preserve our environment, avoiding the use of paper to create your cards. Find out more about the advantages of making your cards digital .

How to share your card with someone you just met?

There are several ways to share your digital business card with someone you just met. The choice of method will depend on the situation, personal preferences and available technologies. Here are some options:

Sharing by Email:

Attach your digital business card file to an email and send it directly to the person.

Sharing via Instant Message:

If you're communicating through a messaging app, you can send the digital business card file as an attachment message.

QR Code:

If your digital business card is associated with a QR Code, the person can simply scan the code using their smartphone camera to access your information.

Understand how ClickCard's personalized QR Code works.

‍NFC (Near Field Communication):

If both devices support NFC, you can share your digital business card information by bringing the devices together.

With ClickCard you or your company can request an NFC business card. Understand how it works.

Professional Social Media Applications:

On platforms like LinkedIn, you can connect with the person and share your contact information online.

Interactive PDF:

You can share your card file in PDF format. The card will remain interactive for whoever receives it.

Choose the option that best suits the situation and preferences of the person you are sharing your contact information with.

Learn more about ClickCard's in-app sharing features.

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Create a free digital business card with ClickCard

ClickCard makes it easy to quickly and free create a unique and professional digital business card. Use their simple templates to showcase your work or services, whether you're a freelancer, artist or small business owner! With ClickCard you are able to express yourself creatively by customizing the template with your own images and personal details such as social media links and contact information.

When downloading the ClickCard app, the user has access to free personalized templates to use without any limitations.

To create a unique model with graphic elements of your choice, the company or user must contact the ClickCard creative team to request a test model.

A digital business card can be shared electronically

Digital business cards are an incredibly convenient and modern way to quickly exchange contact information with someone.

Using a digital card not only saves time and paper, it can also be shared easily - often with a simple click of a button - so there's no need to fish around for scraps of paper in your wallet.

Plus, you can easily update your digital business card at any time to ensure all details remain accurate and up-to-date.

In this age of technology, where speed is everything, digital business cards are a must!

Digital business cards are environmentally friendly and easy to keep track of

Digital business cards are revolutionizing the way people connect and share information. Not only do they make it easier to keep track of the contacts you make, they are also much better for the environment, as there is no need for physical printing and distribution.

They can be shared much more quickly than traditional cards, allowing for seamless networking and follow-up opportunities with potential employers or clients.

Digital business cards make it easy to turn connections into conversations and create lasting relationships that can help you grow as a professional.

QR Code to share and add connections

Business cards are a great way to distribute your contact information and make a lasting impression. However, carrying and managing paper cards can be inconvenient and expensive. Now, you can save time and money by using a QR Code to make it easier to access your digital business card.

Not only will it store all the same information as a paper card, but you can read it from anywhere at any time with the use of a smartphone.

It is an efficient solution for today's world of technological knowledge.

Download the ClickCard App

Digital business cards offer great advantages over traditional paper cards. They are ultra-convenient, eco-friendly and can be easily shared electronically.

Users can use a QR Code or their NFC to make their digital business card easy to read and save. This makes your business card simple to access for those interested in storing it or staying in contact with you.

With a digital business card, all your important contacts will have direct access to you. So why wait? Download the ClickCard app today and start purchasing your own digital business card so you can promote yourself or your brand with ease.

With a custom design and out-of-this-world features, ClickCard makes it faster than ever to stay connected through modern technology. Say goodbye to paper cards forever!

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