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Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


January 30, 2024

ClickCard user creating a digital business card

ClickCard is the definitive solution for those looking to simplify and modernize the process of sharing professional contacts. Our app offers an innovative tool: the Digital Business Card Creator. When you choose to create your digital business card with us, you enjoy a series of advantages and features that distinguish ClickCard as a leader in this segment.

Advantages of Using the ClickCard Application

Free and Paid Custom Templates: ClickCard's Digital Business Card Maker offers a wide variety of custom templates, both free and paid. Regardless of your needs, we offer options that suit everyone from self-employed professionals to large companies.

Ease of Creation in 5 Intuitive Steps: Our creation process involves just five intuitive steps. From choosing the template to customizing the design, everything is done simply and efficiently.

Contact Data Integration: Free templates allow the integration of essential data, such as email, telephone, social networks and address. Customize your card according to your preferences and needs.

Full Editing of Graphic Elements: With Digital Business Card Maker, you have full control over the appearance of your card. Edit photos, backgrounds, and other graphic elements unique to each template.

Access to Metrics and Close Search: In addition to creating cards, the application offers additional features such as metrics to evaluate performance and close search to expand your network of contacts.

Efficient Sharing: Share your digital business card quickly and efficiently, giving your contacts a modern and memorable way to connect with you.

Dynamic Updates: Keep your profile always up to date. With the ClickCard app, you can modify your information at any time, ensuring your digital card is always in line with your most recent professional activities.

How to begin

  1. Download the ClickCard App ( Android It is iOS ): Available on the App Store and Play Store, the application is available to all users.
  2. Create Your Account: With a simple registration, you will have access to all the application's features.
  3. Personalize Your Profile: Add details like name, title, photo and company to make your card unique.
  4. Use the Digital Business Card Creator: Follow the five steps of the creation process to get your personalized card.
  5. Share with Ease: Share your digital card efficiently, whether at networking events or in everyday interactions.

Choosing to make your digital business card with ClickCard means choosing innovation, practicality and efficiency. Get noticed in the digital age by connecting in a memorable way with the ClickCard app.

Free and Paid Business Card

When exploring the ClickCard application, you will come across two account options: premium user and free user. But after all, what is the distinction between these modalities? Continue reading to discover all the details.

When the objective is to create a digital business card, an authentic visual representation is sought that adequately conveys the user's identity. The business card plays a crucial role in making the first impression, reflecting professional vision, values and goals. ClickCard understands the importance of integrating visual identity into the digital business card, allowing the incorporation of details such as typography, color palette, logo and other visual elements of the company.

Now, let's clarify the differences between user accounts:

Premium User: No Limitations

By choosing to be a premium user, you will enjoy complete freedom in creation of your digital business card . You can edit and customize icons according to your preferences, include exclusive vector designs and add light and shadow effects according to your taste. This modality offers the opportunity to create a card that precisely meets your expectations.

Metrics Tool: Analyze Your Card Engagement

Premium users have access to additional features such as the Metrics tool. This functionality provides valuable insights into your digital card engagement. Through it, you can monitor the daily, weekly and monthly views of your card, providing valuable data on events, networking and the contact information most accessed by users.

Digital Wallet: Organize your Contacts Efficiently

Another exclusive feature for premium users is the Digital Wallet. All contacts saved in the application are directed to this tool, providing efficient organization. The digital wallet allows easy access to all contacts, whether corporate, scanned or obtained through personalized searches, automatically organizing information as it is added.

NFC Card: Instant Sharing

In addition to in-app tools, premium users have the option to purchase the NFC Card . This physical card, personalized according to your visual identity, allows instant sharing when you bring it close to the desired person's device. The virtually editable property provides flexibility to adjust the target link without the need for reprinting.

Free User: Basic and Efficient Customization

Free users get a personalized digital business card with key information and design. Although customization options are more limited compared to premium users, the card maintains quality and practicality for B2C users.

To learn how to make your card for free, click here to access the step-by-step instructions.

Interested in becoming a premium user? Read on to find out how to do this or click here to learn about our plans.

Hiring ClickCard: Personalize your Digital Business Card

When contacting ClickCard, you can request models to test and choose the template that best meets your expectations. The creative team will replicate the visual identity on your digital business card, including color palette, strokes, vector elements, typography, photographs and image editing.

This approach allows you full control over all details and properties of your card, ensuring a personalized and exclusive result.

Download the ClickCard App to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. We are dedicated to offering ecological, economical and innovative solutions to enhance your networking. Visit our website to learn more about us and download the app (available for Android and iOS). We're here to help you create a unique and impactful digital business card.

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