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Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


January 9, 2024

Digital business card templates from the ClickCard app

There are two ways to create your digital business card with ClickCard: through the app (free model) or by contacting the ClickCard team (paid). In this Blog we will show you what their creative process is like and how you should proceed from this reading.

Digital business card via the ClickCard app

The creation of a digital business card using the application is recommended for individuals (user, individual who is not a company). There you can choose a free or paid template, whichever suits you best.

As a free user of the application, you will have limited access to the platform, that is: you will not have access to metrics tool, digital wallet, NFC Card, Scanner, QR Code . However, the digital business card creator will be available to you and you can still share and edit it whenever you want.

Knowing this, let's get down to business. Step-by-step instructions on how to create a digital business card using the ClickCard app.

Essential Step: Registering on the ClickCard App

Application Download: Start by downloading the ClickCard App available at App Store or Play Store . After installation, create your account on the application by providing an email and password for login. The information will be sent to the registered email to confirm account registration.

Profile Customization: After confirming the email, personalize your profile by providing name, age, position, photo and company. This information can be filled in later or at the time of registration, giving the user flexibility.

Creating a Free Digital Business Card: Step by Step in the ClickCard App

Creating a digital business card in the ClickCard application follows five steps :

Choosing Custom Templates: When you access the Builder, choose from a variety of pre-formatted templates, each designed with specific information. Customize the template according to your profile, providing an exclusive card.

Adding Photo and Logo: After choosing the template, name it and select it. At the photo stage, upload a personal image or company logo, ensuring a personal and professional touch.

Filling in Contact Information: Add name, title, cell phone number, email and website to your digital business card. The "Automatic Fill" option facilitates the process based on registration data.

Adding Social Networks: Select up to six social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Insert the correct links to make it easier to connect and follow online platforms.

Custom Design: In this step, the user can add a background by choosing from images from the database, uploaded images from the device or a solid color of choice.

Preview and Conclusion:

Upon completing these steps, the user will have their digital business card in their hands, available for viewing, editing or sharing. In case of modifications, it is possible to return to the desired steps by clicking on the corresponding icons. Be ready to convey an impactful image through your ClickCard digital business card.

Digital business card by the ClickCard team

Creating a digital business card together with ClickCard's creative and commercial team is recommended for any individual, but especially for legal entities (companies).

There are many advantages of hiring the ClickCard service for companies, such as: the possibility of more than one digital business card model, access to the web panel, access to all ClickCard application tools, including: metrics, NFC card, Scanner , Digital Wallet, QR Code. All of this is personalized according to each client’s preferences.

Now, how does creation work?

Creation with the ClickCard team takes into account your company's ideas, preferences and visual identity. There are two ways to create your company's digital business card with us:

  1. Leaving card creation in the hands of ClickCard
  2. Sending a ready-made model to ClickCard to enter it into the system.

Let's talk about the first way.

Digital business card creation with the ClickCard team

Visual Identity Aligned with ClickCard

One of ClickCard's main differentiators is the ability to create digital business cards that reflect each company's unique visual identity. Instead of offering standardized templates, ClickCard enables a fully participatory creation experience, where each company can customize its card according to its preferences and needs.

Participatory Creation:

ClickCard embraces the philosophy of participatory creation, placing the company representative at the center of the design process. The ClickCard team understands the importance of involving customers in the creation of their digital business cards, allowing them to express their vision in a unique way.

Full Template Choice

At ClickCard, the power of choice lies in the hands of the company. From card size to colors, fonts, position of graphic elements, photo, logo, contact information, social media, background and more - all of these decisions are made together with the ClickCard design team. This flexibility ensures that each card is truly unique and aligned with the company's identity.

Valued Opinions

ClickCard recognizes the importance of opinions and suggestions from company representatives. Collaboration is the essence of participatory creation, and the ClickCard team is always open to constructive feedback. Whether adjusting the layout, refining colors or enhancing details, ClickCard values its customers' active participation throughout the creative process.

Ease of Customization

ClickCard's intuitive platform makes the entire customization process easy and accessible. With a user-friendly interface, even those without advanced technical knowledge can create professional and impactful digital business cards.

ClickCard Goes Beyond

In addition to the standard options, ClickCard offers a variety of tools and features to further enhance the user experience. Detailed metrics, close search, easy sharing, and of course digital business card creation are just some of the features that make ClickCard a leading choice in this competitive market.


In a world where first impressions count, ClickCard stands out as an innovative tool that allows companies to create truly unique and impactful digital business cards. ClickCard's participatory approach puts control in the hands of business representatives, ensuring that each card tells the brand's story authentically. If you're looking for customization, flexibility and a collaborative creation experience, ClickCard is the ideal choice to take your company's visual identity to the next level.

To create your card with the ClickCard team, simply get in touch.

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