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Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


January 25, 2024

ClickCard User

With the growing demand for digital business cards, several platforms have emerged to meet this need. However, we highlight ClickCard as an exceptional choice for those looking to not only create but also enhance their online presence in an intuitive way.

ClickCard App ( iOS and Android )

1. Template Choice:

The first step to creating an impactful digital business card is choosing the right template. ClickCard offers a variety of pre-formatted templates, each designed to appeal to different audiences and industries.

2. Visual Alignment:

Visual identity is crucial. Your card design should be a faithful extension of your brand. With ClickCard, you can intuitively align colors, typography and graphic style.

3. Creator Customization:

When you enter ClickCard's Digital Business Card Maker, you are faced with a range of inspiring options. Browse carefully crafted templates, instantly seeing how your information fits into different designs.

4. Integration with Social Networks:

ClickCard facilitates integration with social networks, providing a more complete experience. Add icons and links to your profiles, making your business card a gateway to your online platforms.

Why choose ClickCard?

Intuitiveness that Captivates: The creation process at ClickCard is intuitive and inspiring. Digital Business Card Maker is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users of all skill levels to navigate and customize their cards with ease.

Variety of Options to Express Your Identity: Each person and company has a unique story. ClickCard offers a wide variety of templates to express different styles, industries and preferences.

Exceptional Customer Support: Customer support is a priority for ClickCard. This is not just a platform; is a partnership dedicated to ensuring your questions are answered, your challenges overcome and your ideas come to fruition.

The Age of NFC Cards: Connecting with a Touch

In the world of NFC cards , the exchange of personal and professional information happens with a simple touch on mobile devices. These smart cards enable instant data transfer, making the experience of sharing information an effortless journey.

Discovering Secrets with the ClickCard App

Creation of the Digital Business Card:

ClickCard offers two options for creating your digital card. The app provides access to pre-formatted templates, while ClickCard's creative team is also available for more personalized creation.

NFC Card Request:

After creating your digital business card, you can order a personalized NFC card from ClickCard. This card has predefined settings, but can be edited at any time through the application.

NFC Card Activation:

The NFC card is activated by reading the QR Code on the back and access the account in the ClickCard app.

Simple Sharing:

Now your NFC card is ready to be shared. Hold it close to someone else's cell phone and your digital business card can be viewed instantly.


By unlocking the secrets of NFC cards with the ClickCard App, creating, managing and sharing your information becomes an intuitive and efficient experience. Also explore other tools offered by the application, such as Scanner, metrics, Digital Wallet, QR Code, Proximity, among others, to make the most of this innovative platform. Networking has never been so easy and impactful. Try ClickCard and see your digital presence stand out amid the business card revolution.

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