Digital business card as a connecting tool between business partners

ClickCard's digital business card is useful as a communication tool at networking events, mainly to make connections between companies and entrepreneurs.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


March 9, 2023

Entrepreneurs presenting projects to each other through virtual platforms available for easy access on their digital business card

In an increasingly connected world, it is important to stay ahead of trends and use the best tools to establish professional connections.

One such tool is the digital business card, which can be a great option for connecting with business partners.

According to a recent survey, about 91% of professionals believe that social networks are important for building business relationships . Furthermore, 72% of internet users have profiles on at least one social network .

This means that social media can be a great way to connect with your professional contacts.

But how does the digital business card enter into this story?

Below are some strategies for using this tool as a way to establish connections with business partners:

1. Personalize your card: When creating a digital business card, it's important to personalize it as much as possible. Add relevant information about your company and the services or products you offer. Also include links to your social media and company website.

2. Share your card on social networks: after creating your personalized card, share it on your professional social networks, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. This will increase the visibility of your business and help you make connections with other professionals in your field.

3. Use QR Code: adding a QR Code to your digital card is an excellent way to allow other people to easily add your data to their cell phone contacts or even access the content of the company's website.

4. Offer something special to your new contacts: To encourage people to connect with you through your digital card, offer something special in return, such as a discount on products or services offered by your company.

Group of business people discussing projects that benefit everyone

ClickCard app as a business communication tool

As stated above, it is extremely important to invest in good business communication. In this way, I present to you the ClickCard application as a support platform to strengthen this connection.

According to the principles mentioned above, personalization, the way of sharing, the virtual presence of the professional and company is very important in the practice of networking. In this way, we will present to you how ClickCard can benefit you with this.

Read on to learn about our resources and how you can use them to your advantage:


With ClickCard, the corporation or the professional as an individual can use the resources available to customize not only their digital business card, but also their QR Code and NFC Card.

There are two ways for the user to do this: by downloading the ClickCard application ( Android or Apple ) and editing your card based on a pre-formatted template or contacting our creative team to bring a template to life from scratch.

In the ClickCard application, the user has the right to edit their contact information, photo, color palette and background present in the chosen template.

By requesting a new model, the customer has control over the entire card design. From typography to shapes, colors, icons and infinite graphic elements used in the card.

QR Code

Every digital business card created in the ClickCard application has its own personalized QR Code.

For users who made their card through the application, their QR Code will carry the logo of the company used in the digital card and the main colors of its palette. As for people who have contacted our creative team, they can submit the QR Code to the customization they want, this involves from editing colors to editing shapes and visual identity, such as the logo.

NFC card

In order to have the NFC card, the user must request the model from the ClickCard team.

With this, ClickCard's creative team will be in charge of manufacturing your approximation card based on the artwork you validate.

The budget and test carried out is free of charge, so you can do several tests on your design until it becomes ideal.

Generally, NFC editing principles are the same as QR Code. That is, it carries the main colors of your palette and your company's logo. But with ClickCard's creative team in contact with your company, this customization can have more minimalist changes.


So that there is no noise when sharing your digital business card with someone else, ClickCard uses some agile tools to support its users. Some of them already mentioned, NFC card and QR Code, but there are others, such as: customizable link, interactive PDF and approximation search.

As mentioned before, when creating a digital business card, you can request a personalized QR Code, as well as the proximity card. Both are useful ways to share your contact quickly.

The personalized link is one of the text formats that ClickCard allows editing so that the user can forward their virtual card via email, WhatsApp and other digital media.

Furthermore, at ClickCard, this exclusive link can direct your connection to a page outside the App where it will have a complete view of your digital business card and the possibility of requesting the first contact.

This feature helps people who are not ClickCard users also have a good view of their card and a good experience.

Interactive PDF is already well known. It contains the user's digital business card in its entirety, with hyperlinks to their social networks, email, telephone and cell phone, in addition to the possibility of saving the contact in their digital portfolio.

In addition to the aforementioned resources, ClickCard also provides networking within its application through Proximity Search and Custom Search. With them, the user can connect with other professionals according to location, position, name and company of interest.

Businesswoman connecting virtually with other professionals with the same title to discuss business planning and possible partnership

Networking between entrepreneurs and companies

Networking is an important part of any entrepreneur's strategy. It's a great way to meet potential partners, clients and connections, as well as build relationships with industry professionals. Whether you're attending a networking event or joining online groups, it's important to make sure you're making the most of your opportunities. The right connections can pave the way for new ideas, strategic partnerships and capital investments.

While networking is a skill that anyone can learn, it can seem intimidating when you're just starting out.

Let's explore some tips for successful business networking.

Research and Preparation

Before attending an event or meeting, it's important to do your research. Find out who will be there and what their backgrounds are, this will help you determine if they have something in common with you that could lead to further conversations.

It's also important to know the purpose of the event so you can focus on relevant topics.

Also, take the time to prepare your elevator presentation - a brief summary of what you do - so that it unfolds easily when needed.

This way, even if you don't have a lot of time with someone, you can still leave a lasting impression about yourself and your work.

Stay engaged

When networking, aim for quality over quantity. Don't try to meet everyone at the event - instead, focus on having meaningful conversations with a few people who matter most to you.

You should always be prepared with questions so you can stay engaged in conversations; this will show those around you that you value their opinions and experiences, which is key to making strong connections!

Most importantly: follow up!

Be sure to send an email or LinkedIn message after the event thanking them for their time; this will help keep the conversation going and make sure they remember who you are, as well as any potential collaborations discussed at the event.

Online work network

The pandemic has completely changed the way we network – now more than ever It's important to build relationships online ! Fortunately, there are many ways to do just that. Using digital tools like LinkedIn or social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram to directly reach or join groups related to entrepreneurship or investing - this is a great way to engage in discussions without having to attend in-person events (at least for now).

It's also important not to be shy about reaching out - offering advice or insight into something interesting going on in your industry, as this can start genuine conversations between professionals from different fields!

Two businesswomen meeting at a networking event and exchanging contacts using a digital business card on their cell phones

How to Connect with Potential Entrepreneurs

Connecting with other entrepreneurs can be a great way to grow your business, share knowledge and find new opportunities. However, many people don't know where to start or how to do this effectively.

In this blog we'll explore some ways to connect with potential entrepreneurs and provide examples and data to help you succeed.

One of the most popular and effective ways to connect with other business owners is to attend networking events. These events can range from informal get-togethers to large conferences, but all offer the opportunity to meet others in the same industry or industry.

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, about 95% of entrepreneurs said that networking is an important part of professional success. Additionally, more than the last half of hired professionals found their jobs through networking.

Social media is also a great way to connect with other business owners. LinkedIn is especially useful for this purpose, as it is a social network geared towards professionals .

You can use LinkedIn to find other people in the same industry or field as you and connect with them directly. You can also join groups related to your industry or geographic area to meet other interesting people.

A study of hubspot found that LinkedIn is the most effective social network for generating B2B (business-to-business) leads. About 80% of business-generated leads on social media come from LinkedIn .

Another effective way to connect with other business owners is to join local or national business organizations. These organizations are often members who work in the same industry or geographic area and provide regular opportunities to connect and learn from each other.

For example, a local Trade Association might offer sustainable events where members can come together to discuss issues relevant to the industry or simply do informal networking.

A study of American Express found that companies that belong to enterprise organizations are twice as likely to see a significant increase in revenue compared to companies that do not belong to these organizations.

Connecting with other entrepreneurs can be a great way to grow your business and find new opportunities. Attending networking events, using social media and joining business organizations are just a few of the many ways you can do this.

Always remember the importance of networking in the business world - it can take you to unexpected places!

Business Networking: Benefits and How to Get Started

By establishing connections with other companies, it is possible to share ideas, knowledge and opportunities, in addition to strengthening the brand image and expanding the reach of the public.

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of intercompany networking and how to start implementing it into your strategy.

Check out:

1. Strengthening Relationships

Networking allows companies to establish lasting relationships with other companies in the same segment or similar areas. These connections can lead to business partnerships, exchange of services, and even investment pools.

2. New Ideas

By connecting with other companies, you can gain access to new perspectives and innovative ideas that you can apply to your own business.

In addition, by participating in networking events, it is possible to learn from lectures and workshops given by subject matter experts.

3. Increased Visibility

Participating in networking events can significantly increase your company's visibility in the marketplace. By meeting other influential entrepreneurs and professionals in your industry, you can expand your network and reach new potential customers.

4. Career Advancement

Networking can also be beneficial for the career advancement of professionals involved in companies. By connecting with influential people in your industry, you can receive referrals for new job opportunities or promotions within your company.

How to start implementing networking between companies?

One of the most effective ways to start implementing networking between companies is to participate in events dedicated to this purpose. Trade shows, conferences and workshops are great opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs and influential professionals in your industry.

Professional social networks such as LinkedIn are also great tools for establishing connections with other companies in the same industry or related fields. You can create specific groups to discuss topics relevant to your business or join existing groups.

Another effective way to start networking between companies is through referrals made by friends or acquaintances who already have connections in the market relevant to your business.

Networking between companies can bring many benefits both to businesses and to the professionals involved in them. Establishing lasting connections with other companies can lead to successful business partnerships, exchange of valuable services and even joint investments that can be the growth of the businesses involved. So start implementing this very important practice right now!

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