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Social networks have become very relevant for companies in recent times, and the main challenge in digital media is to get your followers to like, comment, and share your content.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


April 30, 2021

With ClickCard you easily share your social networks through it.

Social networks have become very important for companies in recent times. It is in the digital media where we can share our work and make it better known. One of the challenges is to achieve engagement, that is, to make your audience interested in the content produced with the aim that they can like, comment and share. 

ClickCard enables, by means of digital business cards, access to your social networks and those of others. For this it is necessary to have your product well presented on social networks if the interest of others in visiting them is to learn more about your work.

Target audience

Initially you need to know your audience: gender, age range, etc. In addition, one of the most important pieces of information is to know the personas that exist among your audience, the types of personalities that your company and its content attracts. From there you can discern through which social network you should communicate and interact with your audience. 

1. Facebook

Facebook's audience is older and text is valued more than images, but not using them would be foolish. While on Instagram the photo is more valuable than the caption, Facebook values text more, but that doesn't mean you should stop using either. Both play the key role in attracting the user to the post. 

Moreover, most Facebook users use it for professional purposes, so content that brings information that can add to the user's daily life is always welcome. 

2. Instagram

Everyone uses Instagram today, but Insta's most active audience is young people and they communicate through images, which is a bigger challenge for businesses. It is through the media that you will catch your audience's attention and it is considered mission completed when this leads them to read the content of the caption which should not be too long. 

 In addition to this, Instagram has a range of possibilities for interaction through stories via polls, question boxes, and tests. You can also use these tools to survey the opinions of your followers. It is also a target for lives and workshops if you are interested in holding a special event or inviting them to one. Photo and video content is very appealing to the Instagram audience. 

There is also the possibility of using influencer to bring more people to your profile, but you should also not saturate your followers with advertisements. Besides making use of advertising rarely, you should do it in an interesting way and not in a superficial way so that you don't risk losing followers. 

3. LinkedIn

Linkedin's audience is somewhat similar to Facebook's, the difference is that it has a special interest: professionalism. These are people who are interested in job openings or people who are employing. One circle of people is looking for learning and the other is teaching, you can reach both, but what both are looking for is: relevant content. 

Posting consistency and relevance 

For good engagement you need a routine. Make a posting schedule and always keep your social network or your company's busy, and produce content that interests your audience. But remember not to saturate it. According to your audience, make a filtering and understand how much information they can acquire. 

Interact with your public

Remember that your audience is not made up of numbers, but of people. You need sympathy and empathy when responding to them so that they have a pleasant experience and feel important to the company. Humanize your social networks, don't talk to your followers as if you were a robot. But how?  According to the studies about your audience you can discern if the language is informal or formal and among other details; Be agile with the answers, don't let your follower's excitement cool down.

Monitor the mentions to your social networks

Be aware of who mentions your company or brand in posts and stories/status/fleets. Both to be able to thank and interact with the profile and to preserve a good image and not have misunderstandings.

Be aware of the news

Also, always be on top of the news surrounding the topic that the brand addresses, this generates a higher probability of interactivity with authentic post ideas. You can also embrace social causes pertaining to the company's topics and further fuel the humanization of your profile. Did you like the tips? Follow our blog for more related content and if you like, send us suggestions for topics when you get in touch!

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