The power of digital marketing in business

Digital marketing attracts more business, builds relationships and positions your brand. You can expand your company or you can create it in the virtual environment.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


June 18, 2021

The power of digital marketing in business

Currently, for your company to grow in the virtual environment, you need to apply digital marketing techniques in order to promote your business. In this context, you will master strategies for advertising and communicating your content on various online channels that allow real-time data analysis.

Digital marketing is carried out with the purpose of attracting more business, creating relationships, humanizing and positioning your brand by creating an identity for your company and your audience. You can expand your company to the digital environment or you can create it in that space.

One of the fundamental roles of this process is to bring your audience closer to your brand. For this, the domain of social networks is very important because they are a channel of interaction between both. Currently people are not only looking for products, but also their values and it is through digital media that you can communicate directly, personalized and at the right time with your customers.

Show your brand's values and personality through social media and reach the audience you want so much.

Philip Kotler, the father of marketing, defined marketing as "The social process through which people and groups of people satisfy wants and needs by creating, offering, and freely exchanging products and services of value with others."

Opening an online business nowadays is smart to say the least. People spend a good part of their days connected in the digital space through their smartphones, tablets and computers, which leaves them vulnerable to consume most of the products that appear on their screens.

The application of digital marketing is quite wide and covers fields such as content marketing, email marketing, advertising through social networks, conversion optimization (CRO), search marketing (SEM). It is these marketing techniques that must be applied so that your business is presented in a pleasant way on the internet and guarantee you an ever-increasing audience.

Digital marketing allows the buying process through online stores to be practical and agile, in addition to attracting consumers instantly. Most of the time, the user does not enter your store with the intention of buying, but rather evaluate the prices and the product, thus validating the credibility of the advertising.

In this same flow, just in the research process, which is already a habit of the consumer, he practices about 60% of the purchase process alone. Most sales made online are carried out without the need for the customer to contact the seller directly.

Extend your business to the virtual environment to further increase the number of consumers.

It is through digital channels, such as blogs, websites, social media, e-mail, that companies become aware of the pains and desires of their public, in order to solve them and still reach potential consumers as a result.

Your focus with consumers should not only be on a person per se, but also on companies, universities, associations and among others. Thus, your digital marketing must be aware of the cultural, geographic, psychological and legal factors that influence these consumers to buy your product or service.

Digital marketing communication strategies

To be successful in the digital environment, your marketing must be based on data, concrete information and feedback on the effectiveness of your communication. In view of this, some strategic channels such as Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing are presented.

It is through these channels that you can communicate with your audience in a way that meets their expectations, in addition to obtaining data on the effectiveness of your interactivity. In this way, you can be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your presence in the virtual environment in order to evolve it more and more.

To make your digital media a pleasant environment for your consumer, there are some communication principles established by digital marketing. See some of them below:


One of the strongest features of digital marketing is how it engages with its audience. Communication between brand and customer does not exist only when making a purchase, but also in interactive posts, in comments regarding the product, questions sent by direct messages, among others. What is valued in the digital environment is the user experience and their buying journey.

Through campaigns, publications and actions, brands seek opportunities to interact with their audience, listen to their opinions and encourage product recommendation to increase their engagement. At this point, good communication with the audience becomes essential in order to meet the audience's demands.

Analysis and measurement

The foundation in data makes your advertising campaigns more efficient and in digital marketing you must act based on this information for a continuous improvement of your communication.

Through the virtual environment you have the Return on Investment (ROI) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) in real time, making data analysis and a quick solution possible.

Small Businesses & Big Businesses

With this access, companies, regardless of their size, are able to make their service or product better known. With the application of digital marketing you generate more business opportunities for your brand by attracting more consumers.

It's not just the companies that benefit from this, but also the customers who have the possibility to choose the service of the companies they identify with. In this way, companies position themselves better in their digital media, being able to reach customers through various channels.


One of the characteristics of digital marketing is that you can filter your audience and direct your publications to people that are suitable for your company's audience. That way you save money and know your audience better, in addition to specializing in it.

If you are entering the digital world and building your company from the virtual space, get to know the personas your company serves and be very active on social networks. As the saying goes "Who is seen, is always remembered". Seek to filter your audience and don't focus on the numbers right from the start, allow it to grow little by little and build your own audience.

Try to publicize your service or product in more than one social network and, preferably, have your own website. That way you are not dependent on dissemination channels to stay active in digital media.

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