Engaging your e-commerce through business networking

One of the models of virtual entrepreneurship is e-commerce, which operates 100% in the digital environment, facilitating the access of customers from anywhere in the world.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


July 1, 2021

Make your business known both in the physical world and in the virtual environment through business networking

We are increasingly present on the Internet. Relationships, communication, business, and studies are made from the digital environment. One of the models of virtual entrepreneurship is the famous e-commerce that operates 100% in the digital environment, facilitating the access of its customers from anywhere in the world. However, it is not enough just to create a virtual brand if you do not master the space in which you operate. In this blog we will explain some principles, techniques, and planning to keep your e-commerce active and stand out among your competition. 

To sell it is always necessary investment to increase traffic, partnerships, advertisements, and others. But the technique that has generated a lot of return to e-commerce to increase sales performance is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is nothing more than techniques applied in content optimization and that when done constantly, makes the page well evaluated by Google. When these techniques are followed, your site becomes one of the first 10 search results that appear on the first page of Google search, making your e-commerce more visited, with more chances of purchase and, consequently, your brand more known and valued. 

In addition, you can apply SEO through Guest Posts which are guest articles. In other words, you can write and publish a text in other blogs attracting users to your site. This is called business networking and it is through SEO that Google evaluates the quality of your article and it is through this score that it ranks you.

In business networking, you assume business partnerships and users come to your e-commerce site naturally. These partnerships serve an audience related to yours, so the promotion becomes desirable and you gain more engagement from a qualified audience that is in line with the audience of your business. 

By expanding your store into the virtual environment, you have a considerable increase in purchases

What is e-commerce?

In free translation e-commerce means "electronic commerce", which is nothing less than the digital version of physical stores where users can buy your product/service or make financial transactions remotely. 

When building an online store, there is a system available to the platform administrator that informs him of the access data, purchases, shares, etc. It is through this mechanism that he can manage sales. 

From there, the administrator can base his developments on the data presented and make his brand increasingly known, besides generating more credibility for his business. 

According to E-commerce Brazil, in the first quarter of 2021 sales from e-commerce increased 57.4% compared to the same period in 2020. This means that 78.5 million online purchases were made in the first 3 months of this year, a turnover of R$35.2 bi for e-commerce. 

"The month of March in 2021, was the second largest month in history in terms of sales volume for Brazilian e-commerce, second only to the month of November 2020, which of course, has the positive impact of Black Friday promotions." - Explained the executive Fabrício Dantas, CEO of Neotrust.

How to create an e-commerce? 

You can start an e-commerce by creating a virtual store on platforms to sell on marketplace (sites that advertise products from various brands as showcases, for example Amazon) or pay a ready-made platform for online sales in which you can customize according to your brand. 

There is also prior financial planning and the study of techniques involved in the process. Brian Satterlee states in his book "E-commerce: a knowledge base" that after you determine which product or service you will sell, you need to follow 5 steps as the basis of building your online store, they are:

  1. Have a domain;
  2. Plan the design of the e-commerce;
  3. Choose the server;
  4. Define the payment system; 
  5. Make traffic coverage (SEO).

In addition, you should work on the dissemination of products and add descriptions, make partnerships with trusted suppliers and carriers, define your target audience for the development of more assertive strategies. 

Through data, improve visibility and increase e-commerce credibility

Advantages of SEO and business networking

SEO is about improving your e-commerce positioning in the digital environment, while business networking helps expand your virtual business into the physical world with business connections so that more consumers visit and buy your product. 

The idea is that both parties exchange information with each other to increase sales and the reach of potential customers. In this partnership both parties win, because both need to stand out from the competition and be noticed among the thousands of e-commerce sites on the Internet. 

In this case, it is worth investing in business networking to achieve partnerships and in digital marketing to give engagement to your e-commerce. Check out some techniques below: 

Through business networking you can expand your virtual business into the physical world

Product valorization 

Unlike the physical store, products displayed in a virtual store window always generate doubts about their quality. In this case, always apply photos from various angles of the product, description of your material and the brand, and provide feedback from other consumers and their ratings. 

Something that also attracts many customers are the offers and promotions. On the Internet it is very common to see sites offering discount coupons and it is a great way to attract new customers and give loyal customers more advantages.

Advertising on Google Ads

Google Ads helps you create campaigns and advertisements for your e-commerce, and it always maintains the traffic to your site. In this way, it helps your business to become better known in the virtual environment, generating greater visibility and visits to the site. 

SEO techniques

SEO stands for Searh Engine Optimization, i.e. methods implemented in the publication of your product, ad, blog that make your site more accessible by making it easier to be found through organic searches. Unlike paid ads, paid traffic generates more credibility to your product, which is very important for an e-commerce.

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