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Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


December 29, 2023

Professional connecting through NFC card

Discover Innovation: NFC Card, the new business card model!

Step 1: Create Your Digital Business Card

With ClickCard, creating your digital business card is easy. Choose between two methods: use our application with customizable templates or Contact our creative team. Customize graphic elements, colors, typography and more. Download the app ( Android or iOS ).

Step 2: Request your Personalized Business Card

After creating your digital business card, take it one step further requesting the revolutionary NFC Card from ClickCard, personalized according to your company's visual identity. The initial configuration can be adjusted at any time via the app.

  • Choose the desired ClickCard card.
  • Edit links and sharing settings.
  • Enable and disable the NFC Card as needed.

Step 3: Receive and Activate Your Business Card

After requesting, your NFC Card will be delivered to the indicated address. Activate it by reading the QR Code with the ClickCard app. When you log in to your account, your NFC Card will be ready for use.

Step 4: Easily share your business card with NFC!

Now sharing your digital business card is simple. Hold the NFC Card close to someone's cell phone to view your card in the web version or as a contact. Facilitate connections and enrich your networking!

Experience this new era of business cards with ClickCard and stand out in your professional interactions!

How to make a digital business card

Simple Step by Step to Create your Digital Business Card:

Download the ClickCard App:

Choose the Model:

Add a Photo:

  • Upload your image or logo.
  • Adjust photo for perfect look.

Fill in your Contact Information:

  • Enter manually or choose to autocomplete.
  • Provide accurate data to facilitate contact.

Add Social Networks:

Customize Design:

  • Choose a background that represents your identity.
  • Edit colors, icons and other graphic elements.


Making a business card can be beneficial for several reasons, especially in professional and business contexts. Here are some reasons why people choose to have business cards:

Business cards are a traditional yet effective tool for networking. They make it easy to exchange contact information during events and professional gatherings, allowing people to remember you and your business. Having a business card creates a professional image. This shows that you are prepared, serious about your activity and have a consistent visual identity. A good business card design can help promote your brand.

Visual elements such as your company logo and colors can be incorporated to create a cohesive visual identity. By providing a business card, you quickly and easily provide contact information. This is especially useful in situations where writing information manually would be time-consuming or error-prone. Your business card is an extension of your personal or business brand. An attractive design and clear message can help convey the message you want to associate with your image. In some industries, having a business card can add credibility to your professional reputation.

This is especially true in more formal business settings. People can easily forget names and faces, but a physical business card can serve as a tangible reminder of who you are and what you do. Remember that the effectiveness of a business card depends on the design, the quality of the paper, the information provided and how and when it is distributed. In many cases, having a business card can be a useful strategy for building professional relationships and expanding your network.

Innovation in professional networking methods, whether through creating personalized digital business cards with ClickCard or adopting the revolutionary NFC card reflects the constant advancement in the ways we establish professional connections. The ease of creation, customization and sharing provided by ClickCard redefines the way we build contact networks, making the process more agile and efficient.

By embracing these new tools, each user is not only simplifying their interactions, but also opening the doors to richer and more meaningful networking . This is just the beginning of an era in which technology aligns with practicality, providing more dynamic and connected professional experiences.

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