Sustainable Technology: Concept, Importance and Examples

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João Fiche


João Fiche


October 20, 2021

Sustainable Technology

Have you heard about sustainable technology? The concept is very important for companies and also for society as a whole. With that in mind, we decided to demystify the subject and, more than that, show you some examples and a great idea to use in your day-to-day business. You will see how some measures already make all the difference to the environment and also generate savings for the coffers. So, stick around and enjoy the information and tips! ClickCard is a complete contact management solution to enhance your networking with state-of-the-art digital business cards.

What is the concept of sustainable technology?

Sustainable technology means the use of technological theories and practices in order to preserve natural resources and, of course, the environment as a whole. For example, a company can use a machine that recycles its own packaging. In this way, it is possible to reuse packaging and, consequently, reduce the use of paper (material extracted from wood fibers).

How important is sustainable technology?

The sustainable development of cities, states and countries is always extremely important. Addressing issues like this can help us live in a better world, that is, without natural disasters, extreme temperatures, lack of water, etc. And for the construction of a better environment, it is necessary not only to discuss ideas, but also to put them into practice. One of the tools for this, without a doubt, is sustainable technology. The use of machines, software, applications and the like has the potential to avoid impacts on nature. In addition, it is worth mentioning that technologies often open the horizons of professionals and companies. It is a way of seeing a new way of working and saving the environment. Remembering that all of this is also connected to the world we are going to leave for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. So, always discuss and take advantage of sustainable technology resources (we'll see some examples later)!

Why adopt sustainable technology?

sustainable technology why adopt

For companies, betting on innovation, technology and sustainability only brings benefits. First, it reduces the impacts that the company itself causes on the environment. It's exactly that example we used of the machine that recycles packaging, remember? The second point is the possibility of disseminating an important subject and, thus, raising the awareness of more professionals and teams. Other than that, adopting sustainable technology can also generate savings for your pocket. Imagine a company that installs a solar energy capture system. Over time, this innovation can be much cheaper than paying electricity bills. One more advantage is that the public, when seeing that a certain company is concerned with the environment, sees much more value in that brand.

See examples of sustainable technologies

We separate some examples to simplify, even more, how it is possible to use sustainable technologies. Check the cases:

Vertical farms

Have you heard about vertical farms? This concept is quite curious, it is about the development of spaces for the production of food, but in the midst of urbanization. That is, instead of food production being done in isolated areas, it is installed in containers, sheds and even in buildings. The measure also depends on technological resources to control light, humidity and other important aspects for production. The great advantage is the reduction of deforestation, reduction of costs and pollutant emissions (caused by means of transport) and also the opportunity to bring food closer to people.

Electric vehicles

Without a doubt, electric cars are great examples of sustainable technology. These types of cars, as the name implies, run on electricity. The motors are powered by electrical energy stored in batteries. With this, it is possible to have a reduction of polluting gases emitted into the atmosphere.

Waste Management

Another concept linked to sustainable technology is waste management. We can cite, for example, the existence of intelligent containers that manage to separate and treat waste from houses, apartments, companies and the like. With this, it is possible to avoid the use of the famous dumps, which contaminate the water table and also occupy huge spaces in cities.

Find out how to use sustainable technology in the professional field

As we said, it is interesting that companies use sustainable technologies. After all, building a better world is the role of all people and institutions. For this to happen, firstly, it is worth raising the needs of yours or the company you work for. Then, see and review the possibilities of technological resources. Which ones make the most sense for the company's daily processes and activities? Do not forget, of course, to analyze the cost that innovations will entail for the company's coffers.

How can Clickcard help you?

ClickCard has a great idea about sustainable technology. We are talking about digital business cards. Yes, it is important that, starting from the professional presentation, you and your teams already show concern for the environment. Cards of this type avoid the use of paper, which also generates savings for your pocket. Not to mention that the idea is still much more practical for current needs. To make it clearer, let's explain. It works like this: through software, you can develop your digital business card. In this process, you add your personal data, experiences, forms of contact (including a direct link to social networks, for example). Then, when meeting another professional, just show your digital card (with QR Code) or send it by email, WhatsApp, etc. In addition, you can still store your contacts within the software itself. Save time, money and, much more, present yourself in an amazing way! ClickCard is a complete contact management solution to enhance your networking with state-of-the-art digital business cards.

Clickcard sustainable technology


In this content, we talk about sustainable technology, a concept that is linked to the use of technological resources to reduce the damage caused to the environment. There are several ideas related to sustainable technologies, which you can apply in your day-to-day business. One of them is the development of digital business cards, which save paper and, in addition, save time and money. Learn more about this innovation with ClickCard and be a professional really willing to help change the world!

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