How to share digital business cards on digital media

Learn how to share your digital business card on social networks with the help of ClickCard, as well as create personalized content for your digital media.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


April 5, 2022

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It is not new to know that digital business cards integrate much more than we think, but to enjoy all their advantages it is necessary not only to share them in person but also virtually.

Social networks and business cards are two distinct tools that together complement each other, that is, you can use digital media to give more emphasis to your card, as you can also use your card to give more credibility to your networks. This is because both have the same objective: to present the work of a professional in a practical way.

“But how should I act in my professional network with my business card?” you must ask yourself along the blog I will show you this. Follow below:

Digital business card sharing methods

ClickCard facilitates the user's disclosure process through several sharing tools, they are: QR Code, personalized link, proximity search, personalized search by company, title, name, among others. But there are those that are conducive to helping them publish their card on their digital media. Find out more below.

QR Code

For ClickCard users, the Offline and Online QR Codes, both personalized, are available for their digital cards. With them you can discreetly insert it in your posts, stories and direct responses, achieving a good impression for using current technologies, in addition to being visually pleasing. This method can spark curiosity in your target and instantly direct them to your digital business card.

Custom link

As one of the means of sharing the ClickCard application, the user has access to the personalized link of his card which can be sent to any communication channel. In this way, it also becomes a tool that can be used on social media for professionals to share their means of contact.

In the case of the Personalized Link, it must be said that it is a little more specific than the QR Code. Therefore, it is suitable to use it in social media biographies, direct messages, broadcast lists and other sharing modes where images are not suitable, but the use of texts is welcome.

Interactive PDF

Through channels such as Gmail, which you can add attachments to messages, this opportunity can be taken advantage of to share your digital business card in full.

The sender can also make use of the PDF link and with a business card information, by clicking on the icon, the recipient has access to their contact information through the card's online view. The link can be added in the footer next to your signature or in other parts of the email that the sender prefers.

All sharing tools can be put to good use if used correctly. Analyze not only your communication channel, but also the way the content will be shared and see what is the best way to promote your digital business card.

All the means of disclosure presented can be obtained free of charge on the web, even if you are not a ClickCard user, the difference is that, for a better impression, we make these customized tools available.

Share digital business card

How to manage your professional network

One of the main challenges in social networks is to increase your engagement, however, unlike a personal profile, this view of the professional profile is somewhat different.

For example, in personal networks we tend to want to get more followers, but in a professional network this is not enough, because what really matters is your engagement. That is, the return that the user has from the published content.

Knowing this, to help us, Ivan Misner (American business consultant and precursor of BNI - Business Networking International) shared with Exame magazine some tips on how to network in networks and obtain positive results. Check out:

Focus and planning

According to Ivan, it is essential for professionals to be clear about their objective, which is a necessity in the market in which they already work or want to work. But for both there are two different paths. If you want to grow in your current area, invest in contacts related to it. If you want to follow another path, your target audience should be people who are already in this market.

Thus, planning is necessary to reach professionals through networks when building your audience, and focus and aligned goals are necessary to attract them and generate good engagement (likes, comments, shares and contact initiatives).

Participate in events regularly

In networking, it is necessary not only to know the professional, but also to maintain contact. So Arnaes advises, “Go to dinners, meetings and keep in touch with these people,” he says.

It is also important to participate in larger networking events or topics related to the area you want and share on your social network. It's important for your connections to know you're moving, as well as an opportunity to create special content for your social networks.

Create links

Did you get in touch with someone you thought was important for your career? Arneas suggested some methods of starting a conversation with her: “Forward a news item about the sector in which she works, say that reading it you remembered her and ask her what she thinks about the report”, he recommended.

Simple messages at the beginning are positive and important. You don't need to constantly send long and dense messages, but from time to time, reminders like these suggest an opening to a professional relationship that is strengthened by instigating it to be spontaneously remembered.

But watch out! Send personalized messages and not a text box to a bulk group. Personalized messages are important for your connections to feel important and unique in your schedule.

Constant presence on the networks

Keep your social network and contact network active, even when you don't need them. If you only move when it suits you, you are able to convey a negative image to your audience and connections. Make your networking a pivotal point in your routine, even if they are small appearances.

Networking with social networks and digital business card

Networking between personas

Generally, in social networks, networking is done between people and then between companies so that there is a strengthening of a bond. A strong professional bond is important, as it can be the key to the success of a business that you can represent in the future.

“It's a lot less about the self, and a lot more about the people around me. An exchange means that the relationship between people and companies needs to be positive for both sides.” Dany Carvalho, new CEO of Órbi Conecta, said in an interview for Exame magazine.

One of the CEO's tips is to invest in creating content for LinkedIn and show your connections what you have to offer. The administrator can become recognized by knowing how to use a simple tool: the hashtag.

The hashtags that should be used will depend on the area of ​​​​your interest and the people you want to reach. With a search on each social network, the administrator can find out which hashtags are trending and most likely to bring in return.

Search for keywords and then add to your content the ones that carry the most engagement. For a better idea of ​​other profiles that act in the same way, it is also advised to follow these hashtags and be on top of new content ideas to reach your audience.

A good way to communicate on social media is through clear language and authentic content. This can be present in all the means of communication that the networks make available, such as texts, images, videos, but it is also a language that, due to its lightness, can be shared on a daily basis.

It is necessary to explore all possibilities within the platform to create better relationships. Virtual interactions, especially in videos, strengthen your connections by creating affinity with the audience.

The idea is that, even in the virtual world, people will stop communicating through texts and start chatting by video calls. In networking, especially, it is a crucial point to bring intimacy and trust in relationships.

Networking on LinkedIn

Not only on LinkedIn, but also on all social networks, it is necessary to keep the profile active and updated to have greater engagement. This is necessary, as its visibility and prominence among so many users can come from the consistency of its publications.

One of the important factors for a good impression is having personalized content. One of the impediments for many network professionals at this stage is the issue of creating a template.

But calm down. If you don't understand the design area, for this action you may be using the Canva platform. It practically and easily helps its users, even if they are not designers, to make beautiful pieces for their work.

Digital actions, contact initiatives and project sharing draw a lot of attention from LinkedIn users. Your connections show interest based on your skills, professional demeanor and enthusiasm for networking.

From your publications, your connections seek inspiration, ideas and even one more member for the team. So don't hide your skills without mentioning that it's a great way to show your potential to experts in your area.

Networking on Instagram

The Instagram DM (direct chat) is one of the network's main tools for networking.

It can be used for the first contact you will have with your followers. It could be out of interest in some content posted in the feed or a response to your story (whichever is easier to happen, so be sure to post them).

Instagram is one of the most used networks today and it is very easy for you to meet people who are interested in your profile. “But how?”, you might ask yourself. To get this result you need to use the famous hashtags in your favor. Therefore, it is not enough just to use the most famous ones, you need to use keywords used by your target audience, and search for the most mentioned hashtags from them.

Reply to comments, follow back, be reciprocal with your followers' work. This can strengthen connections and create strong bonds with them.

Networking on Facebook

One of the main tools of Facebook and LinkedIn for networking are groups and communities. In them you can share your projects, events, business cards and invitations to professional conversations.

With new Facebook updates, it has also become a professional tool, from the stage of getting a job to the goal of meeting more people in the area that interests you.

The groups have become a target for having a large number of people with the same profile and this facilitates the search for visibility. On Facebook, groups and hashtags help the user to get more return for their posts.

Social networks are also present in face-to-face networking

How ClickCard can help you

When creating a business card in the ClickCard app, you can add the social networks and platforms you want. In addition to having a card that adds up to make a good impression, its ways of sharing are personalized and unlimited.

As stated earlier, it is necessary to have lightness, clarity and authenticity when interacting on social networks. The ways to share your card respect all these principles with the help of ClickCard.

Having your content customized is something that will catch everyone's attention and, consequently, positive points with your connections. With ClickCard you modernize your networking, have access to your card engagement and share it through QR Code and personalized link.

ClickCard has produced all this so that you are successful and get a good first impression from the professionals you will contact.

To learn more about ClickCard, visit the website or follow your profile on social networks. You can download the app for both android and iphone, in addition to requesting a free trial for the ideal template for your card.

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