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João Fiche


João Fiche


August 27, 2021

Professional Development

The job market constantly has great opportunities. But to get the best odds, you need to be an excellent trader. This is precisely where the concept of professional development comes in.

Do you know where you're going? What “weapons” to fight with? What are your limiting points and your abilities?

In this content, we will reflect on this and, of course, bring you some interesting ideas and tips for you to develop.


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What is professional development?

What is professional development

In the dictionary, we can find the following description for the word develop: “to grow or grow, to become bigger, stronger”.

Following this same logic, it can be said that professional development is the search for new knowledge and also the expansion of everything that is already known.

All these efforts are worth so that a person can perform their professional activities brilliantly.

Soon, she also has the opportunity to, in a certain company and, of course, in the professional market.

Professional development and the job market

The labor market is nothing more than the set of companies and their respective opportunities.

The fact is that this universe always has its needs, which may vary from time to time. But, the fact is that the needs are always there…

For example, in today's world, many institutions need professionals who are experts in technology and also in social networks.

This is where the importance of professional development comes in. After all, think: a social media, for example, who understands everything about his area is much more likely to get a promising senior job.

Furthermore, that same social media will be able to grow exponentially in that particular company and in the job market as a whole.

So, we can say that the job market and professional development go hand in hand.

How important is professional development?

Professional development benefits everyone: both employees and companies.

As we said, people can learn more and improve what they already know. These points make them stand out among so many competitors.

As for companies, having such well-developed people helps the HR team find great talent.

Not to mention that, of course, the success of business depends a lot on human capital, that is, those people who “put their hands in the dough” on a daily basis.

Professional development vs personal development

Many people think that professional development is the opposite of personal development.

But in fact, the two concepts are totally linked. After all, you can't think that people are machines, that they don't have emotions and feelings.

A good professional is only someone who really knows himself and, above all, manages his emotions in work environments and matters.

Let's use an example again...

A manager, in addition to knowing the operational procedures, the company's culture, the work goals and objectives, must also be someone with a firm hand and who knows how to delegate tasks.

Now, if that same manager is too insecure or even authoritarian, the team's work will certainly not flow.

That's why it's so important to know professional techniques, theories and practices, but also to have a well-developed personal side.

Later, we will see some tips about this.

Why invest in professional development?

Investing in professional development makes you more aware of your own strengths and limitations…

That is, that strategy or technique that you still cannot master perfectly. At the same time, you also discover that, for the execution of a certain task, you have an incredible role.

This also makes it easier to organize and seek strategies for growth.

In addition, the objective of professional development is also to place professionals in the spotlight in the job market.

Another great benefit is help in designing careers: starting from the apprentice level all the way to the senior level.

We also cannot fail to mention that development, for professionals, enables continuous improvement, you will always be evolving.

Other than that, you can still meet a lot of people and make great contacts, while working and growing professionally.

How to develop professionally?

A great way to develop yourself professionally is to see what you already have and what you still need to look for in terms of knowledge.

Next, it's interesting to divide the tasks by themes, so you don't run the risk of getting lost or even ending up dedicating yourself more to some points than to others.

Check out the important skills and abilities in the professional development process

Now, yes, let's see some of the pillars of professional development. You can face some of these points as themes and, day after day, improve yourself.

Have goals and objectives

To start, define your goals and objectives. Where do you want to go? Also, how soon, more or less, do you want to reap the good fruits?

Leave all these points well established, because it is the analysis of the objectives that you can know what to do today.

Just be careful not to set impossible goals, to want big changes overnight. It's all part of a process, take it easy!

Identify your skills and abilities

The task here is to think about the factors you already have. For example, while studying and practicing some assignments, you noticed that you are good at data analysis, communication and reporting.


Discovery doesn't mean you can put those skills aside and focus on what you don't already know.

In fact, the best thing you can do is keep improving those skills. This can put you in the spotlight in the job market.

Invest in continuing education

We can all learn and grow always. When we invest in continuous education, it is possible to learn more every day.

With that in mind, look for ways to constantly gain new knowledge. You can enroll in quick courses, month by month.

Also, participating in study groups, taking advantage of workshops, lives, creating a reading list, anyway. There are many ways to absorb more theory and practice.

Be flexible

Being flexible has a lot to do with personal development.

When living with work colleagues, for example, it is essential to understand how other people act and, therefore, how you can harmonize with them.

This without leaving your needs and points of view aside, but also without camouflaging those of others.

It is always worth going down the path of dialogue, too. Other than that, other tips for having personal development are:

practicing self-knowledge—with psychotherapy and self-help readings;

ask for feedback on your posture from co-workers.

Expand your network

Another tip to develop professionally is to invest in networking.

Contact with other people can always bring new knowledge and even great job opportunities.

So, always be open to chatting, whether on social networks (such as LinkedIn), in lectures, workshops, courses and the like.

How can Clickcard help you?

ClickCard is a networking and professional connections startup. With it, professionals and companies can have their own digital business cards.

Thus, it is possible to make an excellent impression, to the contacts, right away. All information about name, phone, social networks, email and the like can be shared over the internet.

In addition, each card has a QR code, just read it to access the professional or company information.

Find out how Clickcard's contact management service helps in the professional development process!


professional development tips

What did you think of the tips for developing more professionally?

Don't waste any more time and define your goals and objectives right now. Then think about what your skills and limitations are.

To learn more and improve yourself, there are several strategies – from courses to a lot of networking. The important thing is to move and thus get your place in the sun.

Enjoy these and more tips from ClickCard!

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