Personal and Professional Marketing: everything you need to know

Check out how personal and professional marketing can transform your trajectory! Have much more growth and success on and off work!

João Fiche


João Fiche


September 14, 2021

Personal and professional marketing

When talking about marketing, many people remember the relationship between companies and publics — something more distant. But in fact, the term is closer than you think. After all, to be successful, you need to manage your own life, based on personal and professional marketing.

Still, does it seem like something non-palpable? Don't worry! In this content, we will explain the concepts of personal and professional marketing, show how they apply to your life and, of course, give tips on how to "sell" a good image in the job market.

So, if you want to develop yourself further and grow professionally, read on!

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What is personal and professional marketing?

Well, let’s start with what people are most used to…

Professional marketing is the set of strategies to make a business grow: sell more, gain authority in the market and build a relationship of trust with the target audience.

Well, well!

The point is that all these strategies can also be applied in your own professional life.

That is, you can show more of your technical skills and thus be able to stand out in the market and have better job opportunities.

Personal marketing means developing aspects of your personality. For example: a BI (Business Intelligence) professional is not only focused on the ability to do good analyses.

He is also looking for tools to communicate better and to be able to influence the company's internal and external audiences.

So, is your personal and professional marketing well developed?

What is the relationship between personal and professional marketing

Sometimes, there are those who try to separate the personal profile from the professional one. But, in fact, the two spheres are separable. After all, in the field of work, everyone feels, thinks and communicates — that is, manifests points related to the personal scope.

And all of this, of course, interferes a lot with everyday life and professional career as a whole. This is why personal and professional marketing must go hand in hand.

When you work more on personal marketing, you can communicate better, show more of your personal skills and attract the attention of other professionals.

Therefore, it is also easier to make your ideas, projects and work, in general, work with great assertiveness.

The importance of personal and professional marketing

Have you ever stopped to reflect on how competitive your professional area is? Some have a really tough and surprising dispute.

An example of this is linked to the commercial and sales areas. According to an article by G1, these areas have almost two thousand candidates per vacancy.

At these times, those with well-developed personal and professional marketing stand out and gain space.

With that, what we mean is that marketing is a key that opens doors for anyone who wants to win an excellent job. Also, to be able to expand, get promotions and also live a lot of networking.

How to use personal and professional marketing to stand out?

Personal and professional marketing can be used in many ways. It all starts with building a good image.

You must dress appropriately for your area, communicate clearly and show yourself willing to grow and, of course, to help other companies succeed. All this work can be done not only in person, but also over the internet.

You can, for example, create social networks and, within them, show your personal and professional skills.

What are the advantages of investing in professional and personal marketing?

Betting on personal and professional marketing only brings benefits. First, it is possible to get to know yourself better, that is, to know what your facilities and limitations are (for now) within your own area.

The second point is the opportunity to develop further: being able to express yourself better, networking, being able to create good bonds, stand out in specific projects and also in work as a whole.

All this provides a lot of success and, consequently, personal satisfaction. Not to mention that, as we said earlier, it helps you outmaneuver the competition.

How to develop personal and professional marketing efficiently?

But, after all, how to work more on personal and professional marketing? Below are some practical tips that will help you a lot. Enjoy!

Invest in self-knowledge and qualification

The starting point is to get to know yourself a lot. What are your life purposes? What do you like to do daily? Also, what are your skills and what do you still need to learn and train more?

Having these answers shows that you have self-awareness. Another fundamental point here is to seek an adequate qualification, according to the area you want to follow.

Have goals and objectives

The second care is to establish your goals and objectives. Where do you want to be in two, five, ten years? Do you want to specialize in any area? In which? How do you want to be seen in the job market?

Creating your arrival points is extremely important to precisely design the walk.

For example, if you know you want to specialize in People Management, you already have in mind that you need to enroll in a postgraduate course, improve your emotional intelligence, know how to resolve conflicts between other professionals and the like.


One more strategy to develop your marketing both personally and professionally is networking.

Always seek to meet more people — inside and outside the company you work for. Exchange ideas, experiences and show yourself able to help these other professionals.

And look, you don't even need to apply fancy actions. Often, sharing a little of what you know already makes all the difference to others.

By the way, take advantage of social networks for networking. On LinkedIn, for example, you can post texts, videos and images that tell your professional and personal trajectory.

Improve communication

Communication is a key point for any sphere of life. After all, the ease of expressing yourself makes people understand you better and, more than that, you have a greater power of influence.

So, it's worth looking for an oratory course, improving your writing skills, learning other languages and the like.

How can Clickcard help you?

Here, a crucial question remains: how do you usually present yourself when meeting other professionals? We strongly believe in the saying that “the first impression is the last impression”.

So, for you to present yourself effectively, practically and coherently with modernity, there is the digital business card. ClickCard specializes in this type of communication for work.

Through it, you and your co-workers can have a digital card. Just download a mobile application and, within it, develop your business card (with personal data, contact details, such as: email, telephone, social networks and other information).

The app also has a storage system for you to keep contact with other people.

That way, it's much easier to create your own personal and professional marketing.

Find out how Clickcard's contact management service helps you develop professional and personal marketing!

ClickCard Professional and Personal Marketing


Did you like to know what personal and professional marketing is? As we've seen, the concept can help you develop and grow inside and outside the work environment.

For this, seek your self-knowledge and your life purposes. Also, further develop your technical skills and your communication power. Remember that networking is also extremely important for building your image.

And, of course: don't forget that the way you present yourself also says a lot about your posture.

Count on ClickCard to introduce yourself and keep in touch with other professionals. All in an easy, practical and safe way!

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