Personal Branding: what are the benefits and how to develop it?

Personal branding can put you ahead of your competitors. See how to adopt this strategy and thus impact your target audience!

João Fiche


João Fiche


October 29, 2021

Personal branding benefits how develop

Have you ever stopped to think about what image your target audience has of you? This aspect is extremely important for anyone who wants to succeed. The good news is that, with personal branding, you can build an excellent image and impact your entire audience.

The path to this excellence is paved by some practices. One of the first is self-knowledge. Yes, if knowing more helps you stand out in the market and attract more customers.

Want to know what the other steps are?

Keep going and learn all about personal branding! The results, for your professional career, can be much better than you imagine!

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What is personal branding?

In literal translation, branding means brand. The concept, widely used by companies, can also be used (particularly) by professionals, you know?

Personal branding, then, means managing your own image and knowledge as a person.

Practice, in this case, involves showing what your knowledge, goals and, above all, how you can help your customers.

All of this increases your authority vis-à-vis competitors and the market as a whole, that is, it improves your personal branding.

Benefits of creating a personal branding

In the previous topic, we already gave indications that personal branding is something very important.

Now, let's talk more details about the advantages. Take the opportunity to learn more about the subject and, of course, understand how your personal brand can improve.

The benefits are as follows:

Strengthen your qualities and differential

Knowing how to do branding helps to highlight your qualities and, consequently, to make your differentials stand out.

After all, think: in the work of building a personal brand, one must seek improvement.

At the same time, also define your goals. With this, the strengths really gain more space.

Personal branding characteristics

Bring you closer to potential customers

Professional development also puts you in the spotlight, in relation to your competitors and the entire market.

This is a key aspect for your potential customers to see you more. That is, it is a way of bringing your work closer to your target audience.

Therefore, always seek continuous improvement. The results can be surprising.

Deliver value to your target audience

One more benefit of personal branding is the delivery of value to the target audience.

That's because, you start to focus more on your goals (as a professional who wants to make a difference).

In addition, it has the role of thinking about how to understand more about customers and thus remedy their “pains”.

It is worth mentioning that professionals who manage to improve the customer experience, without a doubt, grow much more.

Builds a good reputation

Imagine that you deliver value all the time to your target audience, right?

With that, people will naturally recommend your work. The consequence of this is also the recognition of the entire target audience.

Not to mention that other brands and the entire market will also see you as that successful professional.

Increases chances of referrals

The good reputation is also linked to the chances of nominations.

When other professionals and companies see you as someone outstanding, they can invite you to: quick projects and long-term work.

Incidentally, recognition also generates much more networking for you. It never hurts to remember that making new contacts is something excellent.

This is not just for the sake of referrals, but to gain more knowledge about your field.

How to develop a good personal branding?

We already know what personal branding is and what its advantages are. It still remains, of course, to understand how to develop an interesting image. The steps are even simpler than you might think.

Here's how to improve your personal image:

Seek self-knowledge

Remember we said that personal branding highlights your qualities? Well then!

But before getting to that, you need to define: what are you good at? That is, what are your skills that stand out among other professionals?

And this is exactly where self-knowledge comes in, too. Look for courses, self-assessments and psychotherapies that help you discover yourself.

Keep in mind how people see you

There are some points that go unnoticed by ourselves. For example: those who have a more serious attitude can sometimes pass on an angry image.

That's why it's so important to know how others see you. Seek this information by asking for feedback from co-workers, friends and family.

Take every opinion as a way to improve your personal branding.

Know the audience you want to communicate with

Good communication is the bridge between you and your target audience. And to speak their language, you need to know which profile these people fit.

A great tip is to build your tone of voice, which will be used in any type of communication.

For example, is your audience younger or older? Is it possible to talk to them casually or very formally? Which words and examples are best for them?

Also, define where you will communicate, that is, which channels are most accessible to your potential customers.

Define your brand and who you are

Another point linked to the concept of personal branding is the definition of the brand.

For this, think about what the purpose of your work is. As many companies do, it is also worth defining a mission, vision and values for your own brand. This helps to create a focus of action.

Also, establish a logo, tagline, colors and typography to use in your communications. These elements also make it easier for the public to identify your brand.

Then, think about your profile, above all, your life purposes. Does the defined brand match this? Everything must be very well aligned.

Use of digital resources

Technology is a great right arm for you to be seen. It is possible to use social networks, for example, to show what your work looks like.

Another great tip is to take advantage of digital business cards, more practical, sustainable and economical options.

Just download an application, develop your business card and that's it... Share with whoever and whenever you want via email, social networks, WhatsApp and the like.

It is very important to create a positive impact right away. Digital business cards help you with that.

What is the difference between personal branding and personal marketing?

What happens is that personal branding is much broader. The concept involves building your image, knowledge and type of communication to impact the target audience.

Marketing is more focused on the use of sales tools and strategies. Let's say that he doesn't focus so much on the theory (construction) of the brand. The goal is more the action of impacting the target audience, either through advertisement promotions, etc.

It is clear that both concepts not only can but must go together. Thus, there are much more chances for you to succeed in the market.

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In this content, you could understand more about personal branding.

Remembering that the term means personal brand. In practice, this is the action of building your own image and reputation.

The objective of this effort is to place you in the spotlight in the professional market and, of course, to be able to impact your target audience.

Take advantage of all the tips we've commented on here, above all, invest in your digital business card. Creating a positive impact, right in your presentation, can open many doors of work! Count on ClickCard to make your business cards modern, practical and economical!

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