NFC card as a networking tool

ClickCard now works with NFC cards. Create your digital business card and secure your physical card to share it via contact. Make networking even easier!

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


September 28, 2022

Share your digital business card via NFC

Have you noticed how easy it is to make payments via NFC? Notice how quick and easy this can be?

If I tell you that you can use the same method to share your digital business card, would you think that's possible?

Because ClickCard made it possible.

In search of a sharing without any noise, the ClickCard team came together to bring its customers agility, experience and sustainability in a single product.

That's what you read. ClickCard now allows access to your digital business card through sharing via contact.

So now, when you purchase a digital business card, you can also have your NFC card.

“But what does ClickCard guarantee with this new way of sharing?”, you might ask yourself.

With the NFC card, we guarantee our customers a unique experience from the presentation of the physical card. With it, the owner can share his digital business card quickly, in addition to making a good impression with the quality of the card and its technologies.

Interested and want to know more about how it works? Keep reading the blog.

Digital business card

Business Card

For you to better understand how far ClickCard has come, let's talk about the beginning of it all.

Over the course of corporate life, professionals saw the need to create a network of contacts in order to generate returns for business and even sales. With that, what we have today as a printed business card was created: a card where all the contact information of a professional is written, such as phone, email, address, company, name and position.

Ahead, it was necessary to disseminate several printed cards so that people could reach the right professionals to turn them into connections.

Over time, many began to realize that they did not have the return they expected from networking, leaving them unmotivated to invest in other copies of the card or even in the network itself.

However, when dealing with a printed business card, the negative result can be the result of several factors and not necessarily the professional, such as: loss of the card and its disposal by mistake.

What makes the investment, of the company or the professional, futile.

With this, the digital business card was created, which shares its owner's contact information with several people without the need to make copies of it.

The digital business card was an economical, ecological and efficient solution for everyone. Which makes it essential for networking today.

However, there are those who, despite having the digital business card and its tools at their disposal, miss the physical product, as they believe that having the material in hand, the experience is unique and invigorating, in addition to showing more formality.

Thus, the NFC card emerged as a networking tool.

NFC card

The NFC card has become, in addition to a credit card, a business card.

The idea is that with it the owner can relive the experience of having the product in hand while networking, while ensuring the functionality of a digital business card.

In other words, NFC is a physical product with virtual functionalities.

Although printed, it is still possible to monitor and edit it just like a virtual card.

Great, no?

What's more, the NFC card makes sharing contact information even faster. Just bring it close to the recipient's cell phone and in a matter of seconds he will have his digital business card in his hands.

And the most fascinating: sharing via zoom occurs quickly and without any noise during the process.

This generates a good impression for both professionals (the sender and the receiver), in addition to making the experience even more pleasant, allowing a new contact attempt in the future.

Another point is that even if physical, the NFC card is still ecological because there is no need to make copies of it.

That is, you share your digital business card and still keep your physical card with you.

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Traditional business card X NFC card

Because they are both physical cards, the traditional business card and the NFC card tend to be compared, even though they are two completely different products.

As previously mentioned, despite being used for the same purpose, the methodologies are different.

With the traditional business card, there is an excessive use of paper for its production. In addition to the expenditure of water to generate energy for the machines.

We at ClickCard are aware that around 420,000,000 tons of paper are produced annually worldwide and we are always looking for ecological resolutions that tend to lower this number.

That's why ClickCard sought a more viable and sustainable solution for networking that, in addition to helping the environment, prevents professionals from spending even more money by investing in papers that will be quickly discarded.

Despite being physical, the NFC card is an ecological option as it does not have to be printed several times, both for copies and for personalization.

As it is virtual, its properties can be edited online, without the need for the card to be redone.

That is, in addition to being ecological and economical, the NFC card is much more comprehensive than the traditional business card, giving more space for the owner to explore, edit and share it.

How to get an NFC card

ClickCard's vision is to generate an ecological, economical and accessible solution for everyone.

In this way, the entry of the NFC card was another ClickCard alternative to improve its values ​​and its products.

After diagnosing in our customers the lack of a physical artifact as a support in networking, NFC was a solution that met all needs.

“But what are the first steps to have an NFC card with ClickCard?”, you might ask yourself.

To purchase your NFC card, simply contact the ClickCard team clarifying your objectives.

There is the possibility of purchasing an NFC card individually or together with a digital business card that gives you access to all the tools of the ClickCard app.

In it, you can create your digital business card, monitor your access, share it via QR Code or personalized link and even meet new professionals from a personalized survey or approach.

Want to know about our app and its benefits? Keep reading.

Ways of sharing a ClickCard

ClickCard App and its advantages

When making a business card, whatever model it is, its owner will automatically want to know about your engagement.

It is natural that when sharing your card, the professional is anxious about your return, in addition to wanting to know if your social networks and contact information have been accessed or saved.

As a result, ClickCard has developed a tool called “Metrics” for its users.

With it, the user can know how many hits his card had in a day, a week, a month or a year.

In this way, the owner has more autonomy and an analytical view of the network itself, knowing where people found their card and what they accessed when they had it in their hands.

This was a ClickCard solution provided to its users in order to get them out of the “guess” and assure them of their decisions through data.

In addition, when purchasing a digital business card with ClickCard, you not only have your product available virtually, but also saves contacts, scans other digital or printed cards and among other features.

Are you interested and want to know our application? Click here to access the Apple and Android store.

Create a ClickCard

With the creation of a ClickCard, many of the limitations that the professional has with the traditional business card do not exist, such as: the money spent on excessive printing on copies, the lack of return on connections without a foundation and the risky sharing of the product. .

Unlike the physical card, all the personalization and sharing of a ClickCard is done by the app, without the user spending more for it.

In addition, now, in addition to the formalization of a digital business card, there is also the creation of your NFC card, which is based on the visual identity of the owner's company and their preferences.

In this way, for a good functioning of your network, having a ClickCard has become something essential.

To secure one for you, simply create your digital business card through the App or by contacting the ClickCard creative team.

Your NFC card can be generated according to the visual identity of your digital business card or other elements of your choice.

To make sure of these adjustments, it is only necessary for the professional to make the ClickCard team aware of the details that he intends to have on his physical card. In this way, a model will be made that best fits the customer's expectation.

NFC card templates

To give you an idea of ​​what our cards are like, we present you with some models:

NFC ClickCard

The NFC card provided by ClickCard is completely personalized. In it you can choose: material, color, typography, QR code and destination link.

These properties are configured according to files sent by the customer to the ClickCard creative team, as we base the art of the cards on their graphic elements and templates that come close to their expectations.

The idea is that: the color, material and printing quality are in accordance with the visual identity that the customer wants, as well as the customization of the QR Code that is engraved on it.

The intention is that when reading the QR Code or approaching the card to a cell phone, the person accesses the personalized link that ClickCard generates for its users.

In this way, the receiver has the possibility to save the contact of the professional or request the contact of the same when filling in an FAQ.

Card edits made by the owner

There is also the possibility for the customer to generate the NFC card with the link he wants.

That is, if the customer does not want to link his digital business card with his NFC card, but with some social network, he can do that.

The destination of the NFC card and its properties can be edited by the owner himself.

This is possible from a web panel where the customer can manage their settings and change them without having to contact the ClickCard team.

Manuals are also available to customers that they can consult to clear up their doubts or contact means to report any problems.

To purchase your NFC card, request a quote or learn more about our plans to hire them.

Download the ClickCard app

As one of its goals, ClickCard is constantly updating itself of the innovations that surround the market, in order to always generate the best networking tools for its users.

If you want to invest in your network of connections and still use strategic methodologies to increase it and to keep your contacts, stay on top of ClickCard's news and explore the best of its features.

With the ClickCard application, the user can create their own digital business card from a pre-formatted template.

That is, the user can customize photo, background, name, title, social networks, address and other personal information.

With this, after creating a card, he can have access to all the tools of the app, which are: the digital wallet, proximity search, personalized search, metrics, card scanner both digital and printed, QR Code reading and sharing, custom link and others.

All this unlimited!

To learn more about the ClickCard application, visit our blog or check out our pages and social networks.

If you would like to request a quote or contact us, just click here.

You can also access our website to learn more about our plans. Click here to learn about our services and innovate your networking by hiring ClickCard!

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