LinkedIn: how to share the correct link of your profile

Find out how to correctly share the link of your LinkedIn profile. Follow our instructions to ensure an effective and professional connection.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


December 6, 2023

How to share your LinkedIn profile in the correct way

If your LinkedIn profile is not set to public, you will have a link (URL) available to share with other users. To find the URL of your public profile, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Eu" icon located at the top of the LinkedIn home page.
  2. Select the "View profile" option .

On your profile page, access the "Edit public profile and URL" option on the right side of the page. The URL of your public profile will be in the "Edit Custom URL" section and will begin at .

Copy and paste this link to share it with other users .

This should also be a link that you should apply to your digital business card if you have the option to share it on LinkedIn.


  • This link will not be visible on your profile that is not set to public.
  • For users in certain countries, the URL of the public profile comes with a two-letter code representing the country of the profile (for example, for residents outside Canada).
  • If the country indicated has not changed the profile, the URL of the public profile will be automatically updated, but the old URLs will continue to work.

Incorporating LinkedIn into your Digital Visit Card

In a digitized world, business cards have evolved beyond paper, and adding your LinkedIn profile can be key to expanding your professional connections. Discover how to effectively integrate the link of your LinkedIn profile into your digital business card and enhance your online presence.

1. The Importance of LinkedIn in the Professional World:

O LinkedIn turns into a platform par excellence for professional networking. Having your profile accessible to your contacts is a smart strategy to expand your network and create business opportunities.

2. Creating your Custom URL:

Before sharing your profile, be sure to create a custom URL. It doesn't just simplify the access as it also adds a professional touch to its link.

3. Choose an Attractive Design for Your Digital Visiting Card:

Your digital business card It is an extension of your professional identity. Choose a clean and attractive design that highlights your contact information, including the LinkedIn URL.

4. Add a Dynamic QR Code:

Make it even easier to access your profile by incorporating a dynamic QR code. Online tools can generate QR codes that, when scanned, go directly to your LinkedIn profile.

5. Integrate E-mail Assignments:

In addition to your digital business card, include the link to your LinkedIn in your email address. This guarantees that your connections can access your profile easily in various professional interactions.

6. Use Design Platforms:

To create a visually striking digital business card, explore online design platforms. They offer personalized models that can incorporate graphic elements, cores and fonts aligned to your professional identity.

7. Functionality Test:

Before distributing your digital business cards, test the functionality of the link. Ensure that the redirection to your LinkedIn profile is smooth and efficient.

How to Use LinkedIn to Boost Networking Events

In an increasingly interconnected world, networking events are essential to expand your professional circle. However, true magic happens when you integrate the power of LinkedIn into those experiences. Discover how to share and get the most out of LinkedIn at networking events.

1. Before the Event: Strategic Preparation

Before posting your event posts, prepare yourself on LinkedIn:

  • Update your profile: Make sure your profile reflects your current skills and goals.
  • Connect with participants: Identify announced participants and connect to them on LinkedIn, adding a personalized message.

2. During the Event: Connecting Face-to-Face and Online

  • Use the QR Code : Most events allow you to share or scan QR Codes, use them to connect instantly.
  • Share Actively in Feed: Post relevant updates about the event, use specific hashtags and mark participants. Isso increases its online visibility.

3. Post-Event: Strengthening Connections and Expanding Your Network

  • Send Personalized Messages: After an event, send personalized messages to new connections, reinforcing what you discuss and demonstrating continued interest.
  • Share Relevant Content: Continue sharing insights and relevant content related to the event. Please keep your profile active and interesting for your network.

4. Using Specific LinkedIn Resources for Events:

  • Create or Participate in Groups: Create specific groups for events or participate in two existing ones. Isso facilitates the sharing of information and connections.
  • Publish Artigos e Apresentações: Share the presentations or articles that highlight the event, highlighting your participation and expertise.

5. Strategies for Virtual Networking:

  • Participation in Virtual Rooms: If the event includes virtual networking, actively participate in rooms and connected faces in real time.
  • Use Direct Messages Strategically: Send direct messages to relevant participants, thanking them for their interaction and discussing possible future collaborations.


Integrating LinkedIn into networking events is more than a strategy; It is a holistic approach to building solid professional relationships. By following these guidelines, you not only enhance your online presence, but also establish meaningful connections that can boost your career.

The true value of networking events is in the quality of connections, and LinkedIn is a perfect tool to enhance these connections over time. Be active, be strategic and see how your networking thrives!

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