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Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


November 7, 2023

Creation of an interactive digital business card using the ClickCard application

Digital business cards are a response to the needs of our connected age. They allow professionals and businesses to share contact information quickly and efficiently, while also offering interactive features that paper cards simply cannot provide.

Before we go into the acceptable formats for digital business cards, it is important to highlight the main benefits of this solution:

  • Sustainability : The transition to digital business cards reduces paper waste, contributing to a more sustainable environment.
  • Interactivity : Digital cards can contain interactive elements such as links to websites, social media profiles and direct contact buttons.
  • Ease of Update: Unlike paper cards, digital cards can be easily updated to reflect changed contact information or professional details.

Now, let's explore the acceptable formats for digital business cards, with a focus on PDF, and the innovations offered by ClickCard:

1. Interactive PDF: The PDF format is widely accepted and can maintain the interactivity of a digital business card. It is possible to incorporate hyperlinks, contact buttons, forms and even multimedia elements, such as videos and audios. This means that when you share a PDF digital business card, you can give your recipients a rich, interactive experience.

2. QR Code: ClickCard offers the option of creating a personalized QR Code linked to your digital business card . Recipients can simply scan the QR Code with their smartphone to access their digital card instantly. This is a quick and efficient way to share your contact information in in-person settings.

3. Web page: ClickCard, your digital business card, has an exclusive WEB page. This way, even if the person does not have the ClickCard application installed on their cell phone, they can not only view the card, but also get in touch.

4. NFC Card: ClickCard offers the option of creating digital business cards with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. These cards allow you to exchange contact information by simply holding the card close to a compatible device, such as a smartphone. This is a convenient and futuristic way to share your professional data.

Digital Business Card Size

The size of a digital business card plays a crucial role in the recipient's experience and professional presentation. A business card that's too big or too small can look clunky or difficult to read on mobile devices. Therefore, finding the right size is essential to ensuring your digital business card is effective.

ClickCard, a leading digital business card platform, has adopted the 720x1280 px aspect ratio as its standard size. This aspect ratio is ideal because it adapts well to mobile devices, maintaining a balance between content and white space, resulting in a clean, readable presentation.

Design and Branding Tips for Your Digital Business Card

Now that you know the proper size for a digital business card, here are some design and branding tips for creating a card that makes a great impression:

Simplicity is Elegance: Keep the design clean and simple. Avoid excess information and visual elements. Be direct and concise with your contact information.

Choose Strategic Colors: Use your brand’s colors to reinforce your visual identity. Make sure the colors you choose are harmonious and legible.

Readable Fonts: Choose a font that is easily readable on small screens. Avoid fancy fonts that can make it difficult to read.

Include Interactive Elements: Add links to your website, social media profile, and direct contact buttons to make it easier to interact with recipients.

Highlight Your Personal Brand: Use your logo, photo or other visual elements that represent your personal or corporate brand effectively.

Brand Consistency: Maintain a consistent appearance with other marketing materials and online presence to strengthen your brand recognition.

Use ClickCard's Pre-Formatted Templates: If you're not a professional designer, ClickCard offers a convenient solution with free custom templates already pre-formatted in your app. Simply choose a template, add your information, and customize as needed.

Digital business card prices

ClickCard is a leading digital business card platform, offering a convenient and affordable way to create your own digital business cards. One of the great advantages is that ClickCard offers free custom templates , which can be used as a starting point to create your digital card. This is particularly useful for those who want to create a digital business card but don't have design experience or don't want to invest financial resources from the start.

These free ClickCard templates come pre-formatted, allowing you to enter your personal or professional information quickly and simply. You can customize colors, fonts and visual elements to suit your brand identity, making your digital business card unique and attractive.

In addition to free templates, ClickCard offers affordable plans and pricing to meet a variety of needs. These plans are designed for both individuals and businesses and can be chosen based on frequency of use. Plans typically include features such as:

  • Number of Cards: Depending on the plan chosen, you will be able to create a specific number of digital business cards.
  • Design Features: Some plans may offer access to advanced design features, such as unlimited customization options.
  • Integrations and Sharing: Plans may include features that make it easier to share your digital cards through QR Codes, links or other options.
  • Customer Support: Premium plans may offer priority customer support to resolve queries or issues more efficiently.

To check the details of the plans and their prices, you can access the ClickCard Pricing page on the platform's official website. There, you will find specific information about the features offered in each plan and their respective fees.


ClickCard offers a complete solution to create, personalize and share your digital business cards effectively and professionally. With its design and editing features, flexible payment options, and free templates, ClickCard stands out as an ideal choice for professionals and businesses that want to be at the forefront of the digital age and make an impactful first impression. So consider ClickCard as your tool for creating successful digital business cards.

Create your digital business card now with ClickCard, download the app ( Android It is iOS ) or contact our team.

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