How to make a business card

Discover the future of professional networking with NFC cards. Connect instantly and manage your digital presence with ease.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


November 30, 2023

Professional using nfc card as digital business card to share their contact information.

In the fast-paced world of business and professional interactions, the search for innovative methods of networking and information exchange is constant. In this scenario, the traditional business card is being revolutionized by NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, offering a futuristic and efficient approach to establishing meaningful connections.

The use of NFC cards as business cards has gained prominence due to their ability to simplify the information exchange process. Instead of relying on physical and sometimes archaic exchanges, the NFC card allows professionals to share data with a simple touch, using short-range communication technology.

Imagine yourself at a networking event, where the room is full of entrepreneurs and professionals from different areas. Instead of handing out and receiving stacks of business cards, simply touch your NFC card to your new contact's smartphone. Instantly, crucial information such as name, title, company and contact details are transferred quickly and efficiently.

In addition to practicality, NFC cards offer a touch of modernity and innovation to the networking process . While conventional business cards may be forgotten in a drawer, NFC cards remain at the forefront of your contacts' minds, standing out as a technological reminder of a valuable connection.

Personalization also plays a crucial role in this evolution. With NFC cards, you can include direct links to online portfolios, social media profiles, and even self-introduction videos. This gives recipients a more comprehensive and interactive view of who you are and what you offer professionally.

However, it is worth highlighting that the effective adoption of the NFC card as a business card requires widespread familiarity with the technology. So while innovators and technology enthusiasts may embrace this trend right away, it may take some time for the practice to become ubiquitous.

In short, the NFC card as a business card represents a bold step towards the future of professional interactions. Combining practicality, modernity and personalization, this innovative approach is shaping the way we connect in business, providing a more fluid and effective networking experience.

How to make a business card

ClickCard simplifies the entire process, allowing companies to easily request NFC cards for their entire team. By contacting our dedicated team, your company can take a step forward in the world of digital business cards. Not only do we offer convenience, we also embrace innovation with NFC technology, providing a fast and elegant way to share professional information.

How it works:

Contact ClickCard: Contact ClickCard's specialized team to begin the process of personalizing your NFC cards. Our team is ready to understand your needs and ensure that the solution perfectly meets your company's requirements.

Custom Design: We work closely with you to create a unique and impactful design for your NFC cards. From your company logo to contact information, every detail is carefully considered to reflect your brand identity.

NFC Card Production: After design approval, we begin the process of producing personalized NFC cards for your company. Using cutting-edge technology, we guarantee quality and durability in each card.

Fast Delivery: Our commitment to efficiency extends to fast delivery of cards directly to your business. So your team can start taking advantage of this innovative technology without delay.

Benefits of ClickCard and NFC Cards:

Instant Networking: With the NFC card, your employees can share professional information by contact, making the networking process quick and intuitive.

Advanced Personalization: In addition to traditional information, your NFC cards can contain links to websites, social media profiles and even videos, providing a complete and engaging presentation.

Business Highlight: Adopt an innovative approach to networking and highlight your company as a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Pioneer the digital business card revolution with ClickCard. Get in touch today and take your professional presence to the next level with personalized NFC cards from ClickCard. Connect efficiently, stand out in style!

Benefits of NFC card as a business card

In the digital age, ClickCard not only offers innovative business cards, but also a robust platform that puts control in your company's hands. With our intuitive app, administrators have the ability to customize and manage each NFC card property , providing a unique experience tailored to your team's needs.

Administrative Control Features:

Activation and Deactivation: With ClickCard, the administrator has the power to activate or deactivate an NFC card at any time. This offers flexibility, allowing you to instantly adapt to changes in teams or marketing strategies.

Forwarding Link Editing: The platform allows administrators to easily edit the forwarding link associated with the NFC card. Keep your information up to date and direct your contacts to your company's most relevant pages.

Choosing Sharing Mode: ClickCard provides the option to choose between two sharing modes: Web and Contact. This flexibility ensures your team can tailor the experience to your specific preferences and needs.

Web Mode: The Web version of the digital business card allows anyone, upon receiving the NFC card, to access their information through a web page external to the application. This page is personalized according to your company's visual identity, conveying a professional and cohesive image.

Contact Mode: Contact mode offers a practical approach, allowing card data to be automatically added as a new contact on the recipient's cell phone. Name, position, phone number and email are automatically filled in, further simplifying the networking process.


ClickCard is not just an NFC card issuing tool, but a complete solution for managing these valuable digital connections. Our platform provides an intuitive and efficient experience, ensuring that your company is always in full control of its professional digital presence.

Enhance your professional interactions, stand out in the digital age and simplify the management of your NFC cards with ClickCard. Be the master of your digital contact network!

To learn more about digital business cards or NFC cards, visit our blog or contact our team .

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