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ClickCard, by means of digital business cards, makes it easy to save contacts so that less time is spent, and locates other cards near you and shows the engagement of your card.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


April 29, 2021

Mobile screen with ClickCard metrics

ClickCard, through the creation of digital business cards, makes it easy to save professional contacts so that less time is spent adding someone to your contact list. In addition, the ClickCard application organizes an agenda that is specific for professional contacts and among other features. You can access all these tools through its application, where it also offers the creation of free or paid digital business cards.

The app download is available on the Play Store and the App Store. In both cases, the application features tools that ensure easy access to your networking, such as: facilitating the sharing of the professional's digital business card, organizing the agenda with your contacts and mapping the location of other business cards that are nearby. from you. Useful, no? Well then. ClickCard's application is not only for building your business card, it is also a tool that facilitates your user's day-to-day life.

The first steps

In order for our customers to have autonomy in creating or editing their digital business cards without having to contact us, ClickCard provides in its application not only the complete management of each user's business card but also its customization of these.

There are two ways to create a ClickCard:

1st - Through the ClickCard app, using pre-formatted templates (paid and free);

2nd - Contacting ClickCard's creative team.

Both ways allow the card to be edited through the application itself, by the user. The elements available for customization after the end of the trial period are: changing any contact information, photo, background and color palette.

It is worth mentioning that those users linked to a corporation are subject to the formatting of the choice of their managers, commonly known as administrators of the ClickCard platform. That is, editions of any information, whether visual or written, only occur with the permission and release of the responsible administrator.

To access the ClickCard application, you must follow these steps:

1. Download the ClickCard app from the App Store or Google Play store.;

2. Create an account and enter your basic information (name, title, contact information, etc.);

3. Choose a model that suits your style, we have many options to choose from;

4. Customize your card with photos, logos, colors and fonts to make it truly unique;

5. Save your changes and voila - you have a brand new digital business card!

So what are you waiting for? Get started today and make sure your first impression is a good one!

First, you must download the application through these two links: Play Store and Apple Store. Then, when entering the application, it is necessary to register where you will fill in the fields with your email and password. After the e-mail confirmation, you will register your data, such as: name, position, company and profile picture (or logo). So, you have just created a ClickCard account!

Creating a ClickCard

Create the perfect digital business card with ClickCard! In our app you can choose the model that you like the most and customize it easily, quickly and efficiently.

Its intuitive design lets you add personal touches like your logo, colors and contact information in a snap.

Always do your best by creating a professional atmosphere for your customers with this digital marketing tool.

Whether you're looking to win new business or stay connected with past clients, ClickCard is the perfect platform to share the details of who you are and what you do.

Let ClickCard be the starting point for making presentations that last!

Several templates of business cards will be presented where you can choose one of your preference. Attention: Do not forget to fill in the required field where you must enter your name or the name of the company you represent.

Digital business card templates available at ClickCard

After that you will have to choose a profile picture or logo that you want to put on the card. When filling in the field, proceed to the next step: the info. In the information section, you will answer the fields with first name, last name, cell phone and email. All this data will be available on your digital business card.

ClickCard application creation screen

Last but not least, you'll be able to select the social networks you want to have on your card. The people you share your clickcard with will be able to access your digital media through the hyperlinks embedded in the card.

From your card you can access all your digital media

And bye! Clickcard ready! Now you can share with whoever you want and easily add people to your contact list!

Ready-made digital business card template

Once you've completed the steps, the app links your address book with your business contacts with whom you also have a card and locates anyone who has a ClickCard and is close to you. In addition, you can monitor the engagement of your card, that is: the views or the number of clicks it had and the access to social networks obtained through it.

In ClickCard's application you add your contacts in separate and organized agendas

Did you like it? This is how ClickCard works for you to further advance your business through networking.

The impact of the digital business card on professional networking

With the evolving digital age, professional relationships are changing rapidly. In this way, digital business cards have become a necessary tool in business social cycles.

As a more accessible and cost-effective option for networking, digital business cards allow individuals to develop more meaningful relationships with their connections who may be scattered across different places in the world.

The impact of digital business cards goes beyond avoiding extensive bill printing; they also provide professionals with an effective way to showcase accomplishments, qualifications and career progress in an engaging way through multimedia technology.

Additionally, they are easily shareable across social media platforms, expanding potential opportunities within the industry or field in question.

Advantages and tools of the ClickCard app

The innovative ClickCard application offers a range of features that make managing your contacts easier than ever.

With the click of a button, users can view their social networks, work, professional development and whatever they want to present to them.

This is because in addition to ClickCard offering its users and customers its Business Card Creator, it also allows the engagement display of cards integrated into the platform.

That is, each user who has a digital business card can view how many people are accessing their card (in any period) and what they are accessing.

For example: John, CEO of ClickCard, attended a networking event later this week. He shared his digital business card with several contacts. So as not to waste time, these people preferred to access their card after the end of the meeting. In this way João did not know if they really accessed or what they came to access from his card.

But João has the ClickCard app. Thus, when entering the metrics screen, he can consult how many people opened his business card and which social networks, websites, information were most accessed.

Based on this data, any user, including João, can validate what was the focus of their connections and draw conclusions to evolve more and more in their networking.

If many people accessed João's LinkedIn, in order to be remembered and remain with his connections, he needed to create content for the social network, share his achievements and proposals that would draw the attention of his audience.

ClickCard is not just card creation, it is an investment networking platform. Where your actions are based on data and not guesswork.

Download the ClickCard app and learn how to network. Invest in your security and confidence.


In conclusion, digital business cards are an exciting innovation in the field of professional networking. They make networking easier and more efficient than ever before.

With ClickCard you can make a unique and professional digital business card with its tools and advantages. You can customize it to your own specifications and then instantly share it with anyone via NFC or QR Code.

You can create one yourself using the ClickCard app or with the help of your creative team.

So don't wait, download ClickCard today to transform your business cards into modern digital cards that will make a lasting impression on anyone you meet.

Download the ClickCard app today and make your own digital card!

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