Why adopt the Digital Business Card in your networking strategy

Discover how Digital Business Cards can transform your networking, saving paper and simplifying connections.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


November 1, 2023

NFC card as a physical business card and digital business card via the ClickCard app.

In the modern business scenario, where connections and relationships play a fundamental role, networking has become a key to professional success. The ability to establish and maintain valuable connections is a skill that cannot be underestimated. And in this context, the evolution of business cards, traditional and digital, plays a crucial role.

There was a time when paper business cards reigned as the standard tool for sharing contact information and promoting professional identity. However, as technology advanced and the world became more environmentally conscious, a new way of exchanging contact information emerged: the Digital Business Card.

This blog will explore why adopting a Digital Business Card is essential in your networking strategy, highlighting the undeniable benefits it brings to businesses and professionals in all areas. Let's dive into this revolution and discover how Digital Business Cards are shaping the way we connect and promote ourselves in today's business.

Benefits of Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards represent a revolution in the way we connect and promote our businesses. They offer a number of notable benefits that go far beyond the functionality of traditional business cards. Let's explore these benefits in detail:

1. Paper saving and sustainability: One of the biggest advantages of digital business cards is paper saving. In today's world, where concern for the environment is at the top of the list of priorities, reducing the use of paper is essential. With digital business cards, you eliminate the need to print cards on paper, saving trees and reducing waste. Each shared digital card contributes to an environment more sustainable, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

2. Ease of sharing: Digital business cards offer unparalleled ease of sharing. With a simple tap or click, you can share your digital card with anyone, regardless of location. There is no need to carry a stack of physical business cards, which can often be forgotten or misplaced. The ease of sharing digital cards via messaging applications, email or social networks speeds up the networking process and ensures that your contact is received instantly.

3. Greater information richness: Digital business cards allow you to include a wider range of information than conventional paper cards. In addition to basic contact information, you can add links to your website, social media profiles, portfolio of work, presentation videos, and more. This gives recipients a richer, more complete view of your professional identity, helping to highlight your skills and experience more comprehensively.

4. Integration with social media and hyperlinks: One of the most powerful features of digital business cards is their ability to integrate with social media and hyperlinks. You can include direct links to your accounts on platforms like linkedin , Facebook , Twitter and Instagram . This allows people to quickly access your social networks and learn more about you. Additionally, hyperlinks to your website or online portfolio give contacts the opportunity to explore your work and experience in an interactive way, making the interaction more meaningful.

Comparison between Physical and Digital Business Cards

Comparing physical and digital business cards is critical to helping professionals and businesses make informed decisions about how they want to represent their contact information and professional identity. Let's highlight the differences between these two types of cards and the advantages of adopting a digital business card, as well as the disadvantages of keeping a printed business card.

Printed Business Cards:

  • Limitation of Information : Printed business cards have limited space, which can make it difficult to include detailed information.
  • Easily Lost : Physical cards are small and can be easily lost, damaged or forgotten.
  • Long-Term Cost : Continuously printing physical cards can become expensive over time, especially if there are frequent changes to the information.

Digital Business Cards:

  • Ecological : The first big advantage of digital business cards is that they save paper. They are environmentally friendly and contribute to reducing the waste of natural resources.
  • Ease of Sharing : Digital business cards can be shared instantly, making the networking process more efficient. They eliminate the need to carry stacks of physical cards.
  • Information : Digital business cards allow you to include a variety of information, such as website links, social media profiles, portfolio of work, and more.
  • Social Media Integration : The ability to integrate links to social networks and online profiles allows contacts to conveniently access additional information.
  • Easy Update : Digital business cards can be easily updated to reflect changes in contact or career information, keeping them always up to date.

How to Create a Successful Digital Business Card

In the ever-evolving world of business, how you present yourself and share your contact information is critical. Digital business cards have emerged as a modern and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper cards. And to create a successful digital business card, ClickCard platform is an amazing option that allows you to create, manage and share your digital business card efficiently and impressively.

Follow the steps to Create a Digital Business Card with ClickCard:

Step 1: Sign up for ClickCard Start by creating an account on the ClickCard platform ( Android or iOS ). The process is simple and quick, and you will have access to all the tools you need to create and manage your digital business card.

Step 2: Personalize your Digital Business Card Use ClickCard's intuitive tools to personalize your digital business card. Choose a design that reflects your professional identity and enter information like your name, title, company, phone numbers, email address and more. You can also contact the ClickCard creative team to create a template from scratch.

Step 3: Add Links and Social Media ClickCard makes it easier than ever to add links to your website, portfolio or social media profiles to your digital business card. This allows your contacts to access additional information and connect with you across platforms.

Step 4: Include a QR Code. ClickCard allows you include a QR Code on your digital business card . This makes the sharing process even more convenient as people can scan the code with their mobile device and save their contact information instantly.

Step 5: Share your Digital Business Card Now that you've created your digital business card, it's time to share it with the world. ClickCard offers options to share your card via email, messages or on social networks. Your contacts will receive a link to access your card, making the exchange of information more efficient and memorable.

Digital Business Card Distribution Strategies

Digital business cards represent a transformation in the way we connect and share our contact information in the modern business world. And, to maximize the potential of these powerful networking tools, it is essential to master distribution strategies. In this article, we'll explore how you can get the most out of your digital business cards, highlighting the sharing options provided by ClickCard, such as NFC Card, Customizable QR Code, Interactive PDF, and Customizable Link. Additionally, we will emphasize the importance of sharing your digital cards through messaging apps, email and social media.

The Advantages of Digital Business Cards Before we dive into distribution strategies, it is important to remember the advantages of digital business cards:

  • Paper saving and sustainability: Reduce paper waste and contribute to a more ecological environment.
  • Ease of sharing: They can be shared instantly, eliminating the need to carry a stack of physical cards.
  • Greater wealth of information: Allows you to include detailed information, links to websites, social media profiles and more.
  • Integration with social media: Facilitates connection to social networks and allows contacts to access additional information.

Digital Business Card Distribution Strategies:

NFC (Near Field Communication) card: NFC Card is an innovative sharing technology that allows contacts to simply bring their mobile device closer to yours to receive your digital business card. ClickCard offers this option, making the sharing process quick and effective, creating a lasting impression during in-person meetings.

Customizable QR Code: QR Codes are a quick and convenient way to share digital business cards. With ClickCard, you can create a customizable QR Code that directs people to your digital card. Paste it into your marketing materials or presentations for interested parties to scan and access your information instantly.

Interactive PDF: ClickCard allows you to export your digital business card as an interactive PDF. This is useful when sending your card as an email attachment or distributing it online. Recipients can open the PDF and interact with your information directly in the file.

Customizable Link: With ClickCard, you get a unique customizable link that directs people to your digital business card. Share this link in emails, messages or on your social networks so that your contacts can easily access your card.

Sharing your digital business cards through messaging apps, email and social media is key to expanding your reach and making your connections more meaningful. Consider the following reasons:

  • Ease of Access: People are often on their mobile devices and messaging apps, making sharing quick and convenient.
  • Direct Sharing: By sending your card via email or text, you ensure it is delivered directly to your contact's inbox.
  • Access to Online Profiles: By including links to your social networks, your contacts can explore your online profile and connect more deeply.


In an increasingly digital and sustainability-driven world, digital business cards represent a revolution in the way we share our contact information and build professional relationships. This article explored the numerous advantages of digital business cards, from saving paper to being easy to share, rich in information and integrating with social media.

Furthermore, we highlight the importance of the strategy in distributing digital business cards, presenting options such as NFC Card, customizable QR Code, interactive PDF and Customizable Link, provided by ClickCard, to make sharing more efficient and memorable. With an emphasis on distribution via messaging applications, email and social networks, it becomes possible to maximize reach and connection with professional contacts.

In short, digital business cards offer an effective and sustainable way to connect and promote your professional identity. With the correct strategies and the adoption of appropriate security measures, you can make the most of this innovative tool, simplifying networking, protecting your information and contributing to a more modern and conscious business environment.

To find out more about the ClickCard application and Networking , visit our blog!

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