Benefits to have Digital Business Cards for the whole company

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Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


September 21, 2022

Create a digital business card for your entire company

Many already know the benefits of the digital business card in the life of a professional.

As a cost-effective, green and efficient solution, digital business cards are a convenient virtual way to network.

With a ClickCard, for example, practicality arises from the creation of a card to its ways of sharing, having at hand the availability of: QR Codes, personalized links, export to PDF and among other forms.

To learn more about the benefits of adopting a digital business card with ClickCard, keep reading this post and we'll cover it next.

You must have known about the above mentioned means and tools for some time now, right? So what we're really here to present today is the utility of having a ClickCard, not just for you, but for your entire team.

Do you like the idea? Interested? So let's go there!

First: did you know that it is possible to acquire a digital business card collectively? In other words: are you and your team using digital business cards, which can make it easier to communicate in networks and even in business with partners and customers?

As well. ClickCard makes it possible for your business, big or small. Everyone can have a virtual interactive card.

Digital business card for the entire company

Seeking a cost-effective solution for businesses, ClickCard challenged entrepreneurs and team leaders to consider unnecessary spending on printed business cards as a networking tool.

As a result, a massive production of paper was diagnosed, with a higher cost than expected, to solve simple problems, such as: editing of employee data on the card, typing errors and printing of new copies.

Furthermore, despite spending a good percentage of their investment on cards, companies found that they were not receiving a proportional return from networking. In other words, many cards were distributed and few professionals contacted them.

This result is due to several reasons.

Because the printed business card is a limited tool, the lack of feedback from networks is not just justified by poor execution. Because, many of the printed cards are lost or even discarded by mistake, without the contact necessarily being saved in the address book before that.

But with a digital business card purchased from ClickCard, this is no longer a problem.

From ClickCard to your company

Direct from ClickCard to your business

ClickCard ensures that team leaders can control not only card usage, sharing, and participation, but also the professional data added to each employee's digital business card.

That is, the user registered on the computer belonging to a domain can only place the position and position in the company that the administrator makes available to them.

This guarantees the company that its employees do not complete their data, outside of a standard norm chosen by the company. In addition to not allowing the placement of personal data by them, only corporate data to maintain the representation of the brand.

In this way, we can say that the first benefit of acquiring a card for your business is the control over all those registered in your domain.

But as I said before and many already know, there are other advantages in a digital business card, such as: accessibility, economy and sustainability that it guarantees. However, there is still a benefit that is even more sought after by customers: personalization.

In view of a group, team or company, personalization of the business card is necessary, freely.

In this way, ClickCard made it possible for all its users to edit their card details without having to pay more for it.

This makes it easy for user groups to edit their job titles or contact information if there are any changes. Generate savings for the brand by avoiding budgeting for new designs and printing.

Remembering that: in the company situation, only the person responsible for the domain can make these changes from the web panel provided by ClickCard. With the individual contract, the person himself has access to these tools, being the administrator of it.

Management tools available to administrators

In order for companies to have control over the purchased product, ClickCard provides them with the Web Panel. It is possible to manage all the cards of all the employees who use the corporate model, in addition to supervising the hiring of each one.

The administrator can, in addition to managing, add new users, delete people and change data in real time.

In this way, provide the company with total control of the circulation of digital business cards in its domain and, from there, provide new solutions and innovations for its networking.

How to buy a corporate digital business card

In order for your employees to have a digital business card, it is necessary for the company to contact the ClickCard team, providing the registered data and the desired card model.

ClickCard can be in charge of creating the card art or uploading an existing branding template so they can reuse it.

Even if the app does not create the card template but the creative team, admins can edit the details and contact information through the app.

ClickCard also allows customers free trials according to the visual identity of the brand, so that, in the end, it generates a model that pleases the corporation and represents it.

The team may also submit brand mockups, corporate presentations, graphic elements, and other documents, so your vision and values ​​are well represented on your digital business card.

To contact the ClickCard team, click here.

Create a digital card with ClickCard

Steps to create a ClickCard

To create an interactive virtual business card, you need to provide certain user contact information. In this case, the information that the user/company wants to share with their contacts.

Some of them are: email, telephone, cell phone, WhatsApp, address, photo, name, position, website and social networks.

For users without affiliation with any company, you can add the data you want and register in the best way that your model allows.

And those who have the registration under a corporate domain, will continue with the corporate information registered by the administrator. Unless it allows the opening to fill in the data they want.

In the ClickCard application, Creator allows customization of user data on top of an existing standard template. However, with the creation of a template based on contact with the creative team, the customization of the card is complete.

In this way, the company can choose a photo, logo, background, colors, typography, format, icons and personalized graphic elements according to their preferences.

Editing of business card data after it is launched in the application is based on the base format validated by the company. In other words, after contracting a card model, it will only be subject to a personalized change after a new contact with ClickCard. However, the updating of data, such as: name, title, photo and other contact information, is done by the application itself. The development of a new background or graphic details of icons, for example, is not yet possible for the user to do.

However, customers also have the option to create alternative templates from the same business card template. That is, creating variables from your own model as a method of organization, position or simply to give your employees more freedom to choose the model they prefer.

This method includes a different customization for each variable, allowing the user to choose, from an already established graphic property, another model with unique colors, positions, typography.

Share card

After the conclusion of the edition of the two cards, the user has the freedom to share it through social networks and other communication channels.

In this way, so that each person can share the way they prefer, ClickCard created several ways to become possible. Confirm:

Each user will have a personalized link to their digital business card. With it, it is possible to share your card with social networks and direct the recipient to a web page that will not be displayed.

Nela or recipient can find out all your contact information. Also register a FAQ so that the owner can get in touch.

The personalized link is quite used in web spaces that do not allow images or files, such as Instagram biography, for example. You can share the app, access or QR Code Web.

All the elements present are not interactive, regardless of where a person or access.

Yes, another QR Code model is available, this is the QR Code Contact. Or which allows the user to share their letter from a file extension.

It is possible that all contact data present in the user's digital business card are imported to the recipient's contact book.

ClickCard also allows, such as the personalized link and the VCF file, to be shared via QR Code. Please, the receivers will access their card through the QR Code scanner or share the same image digitally or physically.

Saying that: it is not necessary for the receiver to be a user of the application in order to access his card. Both sharing media allow visualization and interactivity with the card through external access.

Furthermore, it is also possible to share your ClickCard with other users. You can do this externally or without your own application or search for the desired contact name.

ClickCard also enables new connections between users based on approximation research.

Want to know more about? Click here for more details.

Digital wallet

Now that we've talked about how to share the digital business card by exporting it from the app, it's time to talk about how to import it.

The ClickCard application allows imported contacts to be automatically saved in your user's address book.

The ways to do this are by scanning printed business cards, adding contacts from other users of the app, reading QR Code or embedding them manually.

Calendars are automatic, but users can customize them as they see fit.

For users using a corporate domain, there is the Company Digital Wallet functionality. In it, employees have in a separate directory the contacts of all those who use the same domain as yours.

That is, a separate agenda with all the company's employees.

NFC card

Now ClickCard also works with NFC cards!

When purchasing a digital business card with ClickCard, you can choose to have a physical card by approaching it.

With it, the owner can customize their properties virtually, without the need to pay for the creation of a new one. Also, for events like networking, reading by NFC is even faster and more efficient.

Buy with ClickCard to increase the reach of your network, in addition to always leaving a good impression wherever you go.

The NFC card is an economical and eco-friendly product, which is configured virtually. With it, the owner has unlimited edits, speed in contact sharing, in addition to having his own QR Code.

Want to upgrade your networking with an NFC card? Secure your 2 in 1 now with ClickCard!

Get in touch with our team. Customize your card, configure it and use it without any limitation!

Want to know more about our products? Check it out by clicking here.

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