Creating an interactive and free digital business card

We are very connected to technology so business cards had to adapt. Understand how they cooperate with the environment and how they adapted to the virtual environment.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


June 15, 2021

Create your digital business card with ClickCard and grow your network.

Most people have a general understanding of what a business card is and what it can do for you. However, very few people are aware of the true potential of an interactive digital business card.

An interactive digital business card can be much more than just a static piece of contact information. It can be an immersive experience that allows users to learn more about your business or brand.

Best of all, creating an interactive digital business card is extremely easy and free! Just find the right tool and separate the contact information you want to add to the card.

Have no idea where to start? Continue reading the blog for some tips.

Creating an interactive digital business card for free is not easy, but ClickCard has provided free templates in its application that allow you to use the Contacts, GPS and Metrics features of the application like any other user.

Some say that digital business cards are no longer relevant these days and that is a mistake, as it is a fundamental part of your networking. Lately, we are very connected to the virtual environment, so business cards had to adapt to this environment and thus their digital model emerged, which is efficient, ecological and economical.

But how efficient? So, in the virtual environment, the cards present access data as feedback from your networking. ClickCard's application provides personalized digital business cards and allows you to manage your networking yourself from the analysis of metrics. It's not enough just to refer people to your social networks and websites, you need to be aware of which social networks most interest your audience and ClickCard makes this transparent to you.

Tips for creating your digital business card

Initially, you need to separate the most important information, which will be those contacts and social networks that people will be able to access from your card. Specific social networks vary greatly according to the audience and what you want to present, but it is recommended that you link your card with at least three, in addition to informing Whatsapp, website and email. This is the basic information you should have on your card.

The visual identity of your card is based a lot on your company's logo. Try to follow the same brand identity through typography, color palette and other elements you want to add to your card like background and borders. If it's a personal business card, you don't need to be as formal, but that also varies depending on your customers and your brand profile.

At ClickCard we already have templates that you can customize according to your profile and that of your company, just create an account and customize them yourself or you can let ClickCard do it for you by purchasing one of our plans. Get in touch with us for more details. ClickCard helps you to innovate your networking in a practical, fast and economical way, always thinking about the best for you and for a sustainable world.

The difference between printed business card and digital business card

Business cards are essential for networking and leave a memorable impression in professional situations.

There are two basic types of business cards: print and digital. Printed business cards usually use paper or other physical material such as high-quality plastic and feature your contact information along with graphics, logos, images and designs.

Digital business cards are typically saved to a smartphone or tablet in the form of an app and offer much more flexibility in customizing your profile, including interactive links to websites, multimedia content and social media platforms.

Both types of business cards offer advantages that make them a great choice for any professional looking to make an impact.

The advantages of creating a digital business card

Creating a digital business card is an excellent way to establish your presence in both the virtual and physical world. With a digital business card, you can open up opportunities for potential customers or partners to connect with you online.

Plus, you can quickly share your contact information and vital details about yourself - such as occupation and experience - in seconds.

Being able to simply share a link to your digital business card means it isn't susceptible to errors in printing or spelling. This ensures that any recipient of your link will always have the latest and most accurate information about you.

In general, creating a digital business card is an excellent and efficient way to ensure quick and successful communication with partners and potential customers.

How to create a free digital business card in the ClickCard app

Show your professional side with ClickCard's new and improved digital business card. It's easy to create and easier to share! Just download the app and follow a few simple steps, such as selecting your preferred model, filling in your personal information and even adding an optional photo.

Once customization is complete, the card will be ready to share in no time - via email, text message, or even your own URL link.

That way, you can make a big impression online anytime, anywhere.

What information should be added to the digital business card

When it comes to digital business cards, there's a lot of information that can be included to help prospects and leaders quickly access important details about your business.

Alongside your name, contact information, website and logo, consider adding a photo of yourself or a team member. Allowing people to connect with who they are working with can make connections more meaningful.

For roles where you have specific skills or qualifications, also include some brief summaries here, such as job title, awards, relevant experience or expertise, think about what would make you stand out from similar businesses in the market.

Finally, don't forget to include social media profiles. If someone wants to learn more about you and your team, this is the fastest way to do it!

How to create an appropriate design for a digital business card

Creating an effective digital business card is key to successfully representing your brand. Keeping your design to a minimum with colors and content is essential as it should be straightforward and easy to read.

Consider introducing subtle animations or interactive elements to grab attention or enhance the user experience.

When selecting a font for your digital business card, think about how it will appear legible on any device or platform and make sure it looks modern and professional.

Finally, maintain a consistent look across devices by creating guidelines for sizing and placement of all personal details.

By following these simple steps, you can create a design that perfectly showcases your brand in style.

Download the ClickCard app today and create your free digital card. Start connecting in a modern way!

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