Corporate Sustainability: What is it and how to develop it

Cada vez mais, as pessoas estão interessadas em marcas responsáveis. Diante disso, é importante estar por dentro da sustentabilidade empresarial. Veja como! 

João Fiche


João Fiche


July 23, 2021

Corporate sustainability

Have you ever heard of corporate sustainability? This term has gained more and more prominence. After all, it is directly related to building a better world for all generations: current and future generations.

And if you also want to help shape a better present and future, continue reading this content! We will explain to you what the term corporate sustainability means, what its principles are and how to practice it on a daily basis.

Incidentally, it is worth mentioning: you don't even have to be a superhero to make the world a better place. Some simple measures already have a great impact on the environment and society.

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What is Corporate Sustainability?

Corporate sustainability corresponds to the set of practices to ensure: manufacture, distribution and sale of products or services in order to preserve natural resources.

In this way, it also enables better environmental conditions for current and future societies.

What is the importance of sustainability for companies?

There are several reasons why corporate sustainability is so important.

The first point is that care is added to the preservation of the environment and, consequently, to the construction of a better world for all people.

In addition, by being sustainable, the company assumes and expresses a responsible and careful image for the target audience. This counts a lot in the stable and lasting relationship with customers.

It is worth noting that, in recent times, the consumption habits of Brazilians have changed. People are increasingly concerned about the image and actions of brands.

That is, the quality of your products or services is no longer enough to attract and retain a customer. Their conceptions and social practices also count for a lot.

An example of this is that, since the beginning of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus (March 2020), Brazilians have been more concerned about sustainability — this is what an article in Folha de São Paulo points out.

With more time at home, many consumers began to pay more attention to their own waste production. The goal, then, was to reduce the amount of waste generated.

Principles of corporate sustainability

But, after all, how to assume a posture in accordance with corporate sustainability?

Here are some of the principles related to the subject:

awareness — the first point is precisely to become aware of environmental problems and, at the same time, of the company's role in building a better world;

flexibility for change — many companies have some difficulty in “opening their minds” and implementing new postures and habits. But, to be sustainable, it is necessary to question old customs and be open to transformations;

development of organizational culture — business sustainability must also be part of the organizational culture. This is the only way to educate employees and maintain responsible actions at all times.

Business sustainability: learn about 2 examples

Examples of sustainable actions in companies

How about getting to know some cases of sustainability in companies to inspire you? We separate two very interesting examples, worth checking out!


Since the beginning of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, Nespresso realized that its consumers were more concerned about the excess waste generated.

With that in mind, the company released materials to guide customers to keep their coffee capsules instead of throwing them away. That's because the aluminum material is 100% recyclable.


iFood, in turn, launched a project called iFood Regenera. The goal is to stop using plastic packaging and cutlery, as well as motorcycles that run on gasoline.

These measures can already help to greatly reduce the production of plastic waste (a type of material that takes thousands of years to decompose).

Other than that, there may also be a decrease in the emission of CO² to the environment. That's because the company will use less gasoline motorcycles and more electric transport.

What are the challenges of Corporate Sustainability?

As with any type of change, corporate sustainability also has its challenges.

In this sense, we can cite the very breaking of old standards... After all, it is necessary to survey all the company's actions and understand what are the impacts of this on the environment.

Then, make all employees aware and, of course, seek solutions. All of this takes time, work and a lot of dedication. But, we have no doubt that the results are worth all the effort!

How to develop corporate sustainability?

You've already taken the first step: you started to go a little deeper into the subject, through this content. Great! Now, we suggest that you take this subject and discuss it with other employees and teams, it is important to explain why sustainability is essential to business.

Other than that, seek solutions with all employees.

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Sustainability and entrepreneurship can go together

Corporate sustainability has always been an extremely important subject, since it is directly linked to building a better future. In recent times, the topic has gained even more prominence. In the pandemic caused by Covid-19, for example, many consumers became more concerned about the amount of waste generated. In addition, with the attitude of companies in the midst of environmental and social challenges.

Faced with this scenario, it is important to stop and reflect on how to align business with environmental and social awareness.

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