Contact management: how to do it efficiently?

Do you know what is the best way to manage contacts? Check out ClickCard's tips and increase your professional network! 

João Fiche


João Fiche


October 8, 2021

contact management how it works

Meeting many people and having good professional relationships is crucial. After all, these measures allow you to exchange more information and experiences about the job market, and also to get great professional opportunities. But to have an interesting network, you also need to manage your contacts. 

So the question is: How do you do it? The good news is that, nowadays, there are different technological tools and resources that help a lot. You just have to get to know these solutions and start using them. 

Are you even more interested in the subject? Continue here and see how to capture and store your contacts with practicality and efficiency! 

Learn how Clickcard's contact management service assists in the professional development process.

How does contact management work?

The task of contact management means: collecting, analyzing and storing information relevant for networking. So, imagine that today you go to a lecture and there you meet many professionals. 

Given this, you need to get their personal data (name, phone number, social networks) and experiences that can also add to your career, okay? 

All this data must be captured clearly and, most importantly, stored in a secure way. 

Importance of efficient contact management

It is worth emphasizing, once again, the importance of contact management. When you have a kind of library with other people's names, knowledge, and experience, it is easier to do your networking. 

It is essential to get in touch with other professionals for you to :

  • learn about other theories and practices;
  • get up to date on the job market
  • hear stories that inspire you
  • get indications to participate in projects;
  • get great job opportunities. 

All these points, of course, are also linked to your professional development. 

Evolution of contact management in recent years

contact management evolution

As we said at the beginning of this content, technology has already made contact management much easier. 

If before you had to have the famous pen and paper notebook to write down all your contacts, today you can capture a large amount of information using only a cell phone. 

Later on, you will also see that, nowadays, there are tools designed for this: to make an intelligent storage of professional contacts. 

Advantages of new technologies for contact management

New technologies offer many benefits for those who need to store professional contacts - of that we have no doubt! 

So that you can also become more aware, we have gathered the main benefits. Check them out: 

  • convenience - technological tools allow you to easily capture and store contacts;
  • speed - as the task of saving names, telephone numbers and other information is easy, this also brings a lot of speed to your day to day life;
  • safety - unlike, for example, paper, which can get wet, torn or caught by mistake, technology tools store contacts efficiently. You don't run the risk of losing your notes;
  • increased networking possibilities - being able to store contacts faster and more efficiently improves your networking ability. Make more contacts and see how they can add to your work. 

What are the main options for contact management?

Below, we'll talk about two main ways to do contact management today. 

Check them out: 

Drive storage

Those who use a Google account can register their contacts on their cell phone and, if they prefer, send the information to Drive. 

On the first screen, called contacts (from the cell phone itself), you will see that the option to add basic data appears, such as: name, last name, company, telephone number, cell phone and e-mail. 

By clicking on "more fields" you can add: phonetic name, nickname, job title, and professional department the person belongs to, as well as address, site, date of birth, and remarks. 

ClickCard digital business card storage

contact management

Times have really changed and you no longer need paper: either to write down your new contacts or to pass on your professional information. 

ClickCard, a networking startup, provides an application for you to create your digital business card and share it via social networks, WhatsApp, and e-mail. 

In addition, this type of technology also stores your data. From ClickCard's digital library, you can also export contacts to a CRM, save them in your calendar, and even share everything among your work teams.

And if you still receive some paper contacts, you can also scan them and quickly view the information on your cell phone. 

It is well worth checking out these and other advantages!

Learn how Clickcard's contact management service assists in the professional development process.


Professional development and success, of course, are the result of our efforts and competence. But, at the same time, we cannot deny that other people can also contribute to our professional construction. 

It is always very important to meet new people, make contact with them, and, whenever possible, exchange information, experiences, and job opportunities. 

And, of course, to make contact management efficient, you can rely on technologies - especially ClickCard's solutions!

Start using the app now and create your digital business card! You can put your name, phone number, website, social networks and other data. Then, simply share the card, also via the Internet and mobile devices. 

Furthermore, store your professional contacts in an easy, clear, and intuitive library. The data can be separated by categories. Enjoy it all! 

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