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Communication tools can improve any type of business. Find out why and how in this ClickCard content! 

João Fiche


João Fiche


September 10, 2021

communication tools importance

The success of any company, regardless of segment, depends on good communication. The transmission of information, both internally and externally, must be as clear as possible. For this, you can count on different types of communication tools. 

All of them facilitate the dialogue between employees and, also, make it possible for the company to show its values and, of course, sell to its public. 

With so many benefits, there's really no way to dispense with the power of communication, right? Want to know more details? Continue here and take advantage of ClickCard's tips! 

Learn how ClickCard's contact management service assists in the process of professional development.

What are communication tools?

Communication tools are resources - digital or not - in which it is possible to exchange information, data, opinions, daily facts, innovations, etc. 

The best thing is that there really are many communication tools. Each company has the freedom to choose those that best fit its needs and routine. 

Later on, we will look at some examples of tools to communicate. Continue this way!

How can communication tools be used in companies? 

A good strategy is to choose some communication tools as standards for the company. Also, make the choice and the ways of using the communication media clear in the company's processes. 

All this care helps to truly implement the tools in the business routine. In other words, the employees already enter the company knowing how and where to exchange ideas. 

Another very interesting suggestion is to use specific programs to communicate. These can be installed in the company's computers, and that's it: each employee can see the contacts of all the other employees and send messages whenever they want. 

The importance of communication tools

The tools used in communication are of great importance. This is because they represent practicality and clarity of information exchanged between employees, and also between company and customer. 

If the tools did not exist, everything would be extremely complex. 

Think, for example, how would a person from HR (Human Resources) communicate quickly with a marketing collaborator (areas that are very distant physically in the company's environment)? 

Furthermore, how could an institution show its qualities and advantages to its target audience without being able to communicate properly? 

As you can see, effective communication is one of the pillars of business, and therefore, having the proper tools for this facilitates the strategies. 

How does assertive communication help business? 

We can cite different examples to further show how communication is beneficial to companies. 

Let's think about the beginning of it all: when a professional, right from the start, presents his or her aspects well - be it to companies or partners - the chances of arousing the other person's interest are much higher. 

Consequently, this same professional will also have more chances of being accepted in great projects. 

Another case: assertive communication is also fundamental to constantly remind people what the company's values and goals are. 

CEOs, directors, managers, and the other teams can talk about this through the business communication tools. 

Remembering that the exchange of information is also crucial to attract and retain customers. After all, it is through texts, videos, audios, and still images that a company shows the advantages, whether of its products or services. 

Besides this, it also communicates its values and principles, parts that are very important to arouse identification and connection with the target audience. 

communication tool in business

What are the main communication tools?

Now, yes, we will see some specific types of communication tools. 

It is worth remembering that there is no right or wrong, but rather, what best adapts to the routine of each company. 

Check out the solutions: 

Business card

The business card is a way to start business on the right foot. Only, here, the idea is to innovate. 

Have you thought about using digital business cards? This type of presentation is much more modern, practical, efficient, and, of course, has a great impact on the first contact. 

All employees in the company can take advantage of this great advantage. 


The second type of communication tool is e-mail, something extremely useful to exchange messages with the company's own employees. 

In addition, with partners, suppliers, partners, and clients. It is a more basic means of communication, but no less important for that. 

Instant messaging program 

Nowadays, you can find several programs specifically designed for instant messaging. 

One of the oldest and most traditional is Skype, for example. But there are also other more modern ones, such as Slack and Hangouts. 

Generally, companies use these platforms more for internal communication. 

Social networks  

Yes, social networks are also great examples of communication tools. 

On Facebook and Instagram you can create a page for your company and thus advertise products, services, offers, promotions, and other strategies. 

The most interesting thing is that a large part of the population - both in Brazil and worldwide - uses social networks a lot. 

Thus, your voice can echo around the world. 

Wall newspaper 

What about implementing a wall newspaper in the company you work for? This kind of tool is very cool. 

The newspaper can be online only or printed and distributed among the work areas. 

The content can bring a wide variety of information, for example: event dates, new guidelines, birthdays of the month, market news, launch of products or services of the company, among others. 

How to communicate more clearly and assertively?

A good way to communicate more assertively is to first define what you want and need. 

For example: after an analysis, the company discovers that it needs to have employees who present themselves better to partners. 

It also realizes that it needs to increase its customer base. 

Three solutions for this are: investing in a digital business card, making publications on social networks, and creating email marketing blasts. 

communication tools how to have a clear and assertive communication

How can Clickcard help you?

ClickCard believes that a good presentation is the key that opens great job opportunities. 

With this in mind, the startup develops digital business cards. Each employee can add information about their own education and work experience. 

The card is also ready in a few minutes (without printing costs). In addition, you can share the information via e-mail, social networks, and save contacts easily and securely through a storage system. 

Find out more about these and other ClickCard advantages! 

Learn how ClickCard's contact management service assists in the professional development process.


In this content we have talked a lot about the power of clear and efficient communication in business. 

Exchanging information assertively improves integration between professionals and areas, expresses a good impression on partners and suppliers and, of course, creates more connection with the target audience. 

So don't waste any time and define which tools are best for your work! 

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