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Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


May 3, 2021

ClickCard's standout tools drive better communication

With the advancement of technology printed business cards have become quite outdated. Now digital cards are used, which are more ecological because they are presented virtually and interactive because they don't have just one function. They give access not only to your contacts but also to your social networks, websites and allow sharing, which generates greater engagement.

With the ClickCard application, when making a digital card, you have access to basic features such as sharing the card: It shows all your information and that of your company in an easy and practical way. By installing the application you have the possibility to find out who is close to you and who also uses a ClickCard, in this way you can easily access that person's business card.

Furthermore, with ClickCard you have access to your card's engagement information, which is demonstrated through graphs. It displays how many people you've reached, what they've been accessing, and how many they've shared.


It's no secret that professional networks are vital to success in today's competitive business world.

An effective network can provide invaluable resources both inside and outside an organization, from advice and insights to potential career opportunities.

To maximize your network's effectiveness and ensure it remains productive, it's essential to take a proactive approach to organizing contacts.

Developing a system for categorizing people based on their interests, capabilities, or type of organization will help you find experts and industry insiders almost instantly when needed.

With the right framework in place, you can build stronger bonds by learning new ideas about relationships and initiating new contacts sooner.

Rather than waiting until another connection comes on board, being proactive should be embraced as a key element to network success!

In the ClickCard application it is possible to organize your contacts by agendas. You have access to a general directory where all the business cards you've already obtained are saved, another directory that separates the digital cards and another one for the ones you've scanned. There is also a very effective functionality: You can access the digital cards of all employees who have a Clickcard in your company, all of which are saved in an exclusive agenda for employees.

The practicality of the tool saves time in finding professionals. It also offers greater organization in times of emergency: Instead of contacting other workmates to get a specific contact, you already have it saved in your agenda.


Connecting with people close to you is a valuable tool for personal, professional and, most importantly, community growth.

When we reach out to the people around us, interesting conversations spur creative ideas and collaboration opportunities across multiple venues.

By forming local relationships, we leverage our knowledge to build better futures and support each other through new challenges every day.

In general, connecting with others close to you serves as a powerful foundation for innovation that helps foster stronger networks in an ever-changing world.

The Proximity feature shows other people who use ClickCard besides you in your area. Very practical for emergencies when you need to find a freelancer or pay for a different service than you are used to, both for the company and for personal use.

In the same window you have access to the QR Code and scanner tools. With them you can read the QR Code of other cards and also generate QR Code of your own card. The scanner is generally used to save information from printed business cards that you have.

Proximity tool and its benefits in business trips

Business travel can be a great opportunity to connect with people you might not normally have access to. Not only do face-to-face engagements allow for trust building and effective communication, but they also allow for fostering relationships that could exist for years.

Making connections on business travel is essential to growth and success in any industry, as it opens up countless opportunities, from getting advice from a mentor to creating cross-company collaborations.

In today's diverse economy, maximizing every connection made during a business trip is more important than ever - so look forward to the new possibilities that await you on your next business trip when you use ClickCard's proximity tool!


In today's professional landscape, building a strong network is crucial. But the key to success is forging meaningful relationships based on insights and feedback.

Conversations with your trusted contacts can often provide valuable feedback that can help you improve professionally. Thus, one needs to curate genuine connections through trusted sources such as peers and colleagues.

Taking time to listen and learn from those around you will undoubtedly be beneficial in the long run. Relying on hard facts and honest analysis over assumptions and rumours, basing your network of professional contacts on data-driven information or feedback will prove to be an invaluable asset to successful outcomes.

In the Metrics window you have access to your engagement according to the day, week or month. By having information about where people are most interested before contacting you, you can get an idea in which digital media you might be featuring your work.

How can I purchase a ClickCard?

Is easy! You can get in touch with us through social networks or even through the website using the chatbot tool. If you are more interested in the plans that we present, you can access the plans window and subscribe to the one that satisfies you the most.

Getting a digital business card with ClickCard is a great way to exchange contact information without worrying about losing cards or forgetting information.

With ClickCard you simply add your profile and it will generate an interactive card that you can send to friends and colleagues.

In addition, they will be able to store their contact data automatically in the cloud, with no risk of losing them in the future.

At ClickCard, you make connections with just one click. Go ahead and make a digital business card with ClickCard today!

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